Modern Filipino Cuisine at Sentro 1771


A few days ago, I received a message on my Facebook wall from Sir Anton, author of, inviting me to join them in a food event hosted by Sentro 1771. So who am I to say no? This is a great opportunity plus another write up for me, so right away I said yes without any hesitation (and it was clearly a clever choice).

Sentro 1771 is part of the 1771 Group of Restaurants. The group includes Cafe 1771, Winebar 1771 and Sidebar which is located in El Pueblo Real de Manila Ortigas and Chateau 1771 situated in Greenbelt 5. If you're wondering what's the significance of 1771, well, it is a street number where the first restaurant of this group originated. Going back, Sentro 1771 is known for serving local Filipino cuisine but reinvented them and added a twist of Swiss and French style. Have you heard/tasted Adobo sa Gata? How about Lamb Calderata? Hmmm how about Corned Beef Sinigang? These are just some of the best sellers in Sentro 1771. It's unusual and creative but I assure you great satisfaction. Especially those who are fond of Filipino dishes. By the way, Sentro 1771 is located at Serendra, BGC, Taguig and also in Greenbelt 3.

The Sentro 1771 that I visited was their Serendra branch. I was a bit late so when I came in, most of the bloggers where already there but luckily, the food haven't served yet. While waiting, I've got to know lifestyle, food and travel bloggers which were also invited by Sir Anton. I've got to meet:

Sir Edgar and Sir Ramil of  |  Doc Gelo of  |  Blogger couple  Ms Marjorie ( and Sir Jonel (  |  Sir John of  |  Ms Stacy of  |  and Ms Edel

I had fun chatting with these bloggers. Hearing their stories and opinions on the world of blogging amused me. Adding to this nice chat is the laid-back interiors of Sentro 1771. They have a stylish fixtures, paintings and nice decorations hanged on the wall and importantly, (well, for me) the restaurant is well lighted. A perfect venue for family bonding, class reunions and even dine out with colleagues.

Then after some time and without knowing, the food started to serve on our table and they all look delicious and presented very well. They served us from appetizers, to their main meals, down to their desserts - in short, it was a complete meal.

Duck Pancakes (170 Pesos)
The first dish presented to us is Duck Pancakes and served in 4 pcs per order. Peking pancakes filled with strips of native duck slow-cooked in beer, rhum vinegar, soy sauce and muscovado sugar.

Scoop it or wrap it up!

Macau Chorizo and Cheese Tidbits (240 Pesos)
Serving is good for 2. Macau Chorizo and Cheese Tidbits is a mini spring rolls filled with Macau chorizo, shallots and keso de bola.

That's a customized newspaper for Sentro 1771

Lamb Caldereta (480 Pesos)
Boneless lamb shoulder stewed with carrots, bell peppers, tomato sauce and spices. You can also request if you want it to be served in mild or spicy.

Chicken Adobo sa Gata (250 Pesos)
Serving is good for 2. Chicken Adobo that retains the vinegar-garlic peppercorn balance but thickened with coconut milk.

Camote Cups (240 Pesos)
Carved sweet potato filled with stir-fried cabbage, Baguio beans and carrots. Served in 4 pcs per order.

(Upper left) Lamb Caldereta | (Lower left) Chicken Adobo sa Gata | (Right) Camote Cups

Seafood Bagoong Rice (530 Pesos)
Good for 2-3 persons per serving. Rice topped with grilled squid, garlic shrimp, and hito flakes. You can request for brown rice or red rice. Just add 45 pesos.

Specialty of the House: Sinigang na Corned Beef (595 Pesos)
Of all the food that were served to us, this is my favorite one and really a must try! Now I know why this dish earned so much positive feedback among food bloggers and foodies. This is an unbelievable recipe. Good for 2-3 persons per serving. This dish is comprised of corned beef short plate and boneless beef shanks in tamarind broth with native vegetables. How does it sounds to you?

And before serving, diner has an option to choose the level of sourness of this dish. A great idea to get the satisfaction of customer since all of us has different standard of what Sinigang should taste like in terms of its sourness and tartness. Genius!

A must try! Should not be missed when visiting Sentro 1771

Banana Tart (150 Pesos)
Puff pastry with a light custard topped with caramelized saba banana slices. 


Fried Suman and Mangoes (180 Pesos)
Rolled out suman fried to a light crisp and topped with ripe mangoes and served with sweet coco jam.

Kakanin with mango on top? Try it people!

Keso Flan (220 Pesos)
A baked but light, no crust cheesecake served with queso de bola and red egg (itlog na pula). Their recipe says: "Parang Bibingka na hindi!" The suggested way to eat this is to have a sliced of cheesecake on top with a small piece of queso de bola and "itlog na pula".

Please excuse photos in this blog post. I only used my camera phone for this entry. I'm still saving up for that lens. Aw.

Overall, it was a great event and food trip. Sentro 1771 did a great job on balancing Filipino taste along with Swiss-French style. They give a modern twist to Filipino's all time favorite dishes. Visit them to witness it for yourself and don't forget to bring along your friends, families and colleagues. Kainan na!

Special thanks to Sir Anton of for inviting me to this food event.

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Food Trip at "Food Truck Park" in Capitol Commons, Pasig City


Food truck is a mobile kitchen or canteen that sells and transport food. Commonly they are in the form of vans and school buses that has an installed kitchen and a large opening or window for food display. These mobiles are also coated with the brand's prints and logos in which I believe is used to have a quick recall to potential customers. In the US, food trucks are now making their way and name in the food and business industry. Food Network channel even produced a show called "Great Food Truck Race" wherein different food truck businesses compete on each other and at the end of every episode, the truck who sold the least will be eliminated. The show is now on its 4th season which also shows how popular are food trucks today and how it is being patronage by people.

Food trucks are not something new in the streets of Manila, but putting 10 or more food trucks in one site is a different argument. Yes, 10 food mobiles that sell from appetizers to main dishes, and even, desserts. An organization called "Metro Manila Food Truck Association" gathered food truck owners and joined forces to an exciting gustative adventure for Pinoy Foodies.

Capitol Commons is the place to be. It is located in the corner of Meralco Avenue & Shaw Boulevard and it is just across from the famous Kapitolyo in Pasig. Capitol Commons is the newest urban destination that showcases prime residential developments, office spaces, and now, a Food Truck Park.

This was an unexpected food trip. Good thing Alvin brought his camera. 

Future Food Critics (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)
I was with my workmates when I visited Capitol Commons and as soon as we reached the Food Truck Park, we were like everywhere the area checking each and every trucks deciding what to try and eat.


Kuyang is a Filipino-style food truck which offers classic pinoy dishes serves as rice toppings. Some of their sumptuous food are Liempo Meal, Bistek Meal, Chicken Longga Meal, and Tenga Meal. That's right, they serve rice with pork's ears. Very street food. Their best sellers are Lechon Kawali Meal and Chickapork Combo.Chickapork is basically fried chicken skin and pork rind bits served as 1 meal. It may taste good, but it should be eaten in moderate.

Jo, Jo.. Hihihi (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)

Big Bite Avenue

On ther hand, Big Bite Avenue owned by celebrity Carlo Aquino (and his girlfriend) is known for its homemade burgers and poutine. Poutine is a Canadian dish prepared with French fries savor with gravy sauce and cheese curds. Sound flavorful huh? Big Bite Avenue's best sellers are Barbecue Burger and Chorizo Longganisa Burger.

They already have their Big Bite Avenue's burger (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)

Shawarma Bros

Shawarma Bros is the "talk of the town" food distributor in Food Truck Park. It is not only because of their great tasting shawarma but also because of the very distinct look of their truck. Based on what I've read in the net, they even patented the design of their truck. Wow! These folks are very determined to secure their uniqueness among other food trucks. Well, they are best known for their Lamb Steak Open Plate Shawarma served with biryani rice.

Brilliant advertisement! #truck #hashtags (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)
Marga and Ate Kath with their shawarma (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)


Mexican food served in a Volkswagen Kombi makes up the name of this next food truck. For me, they have the coolest truck among the food trucks in the park. Old school service van on its finest. And For foodies who loves Mexican food, I am sure you'll love Mexikombi because (based on one of my friend who'd tried Mexikombi) they sold food with true Mexican taste and flavor. And affordable too.

Try to focus on Volkswagen Kombi (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)

Hungry Rover

This is number 1 on my list. Before we even gotten to the park, I have already decided that I'll be buying at Hungry Rover and try their popular Angus tapa. Reason is, I've read tons of great feedback about it and they said it is a must-try when visiting Food Truck Park. My verdict, I confirm all the rumors about it. It is really tasty, flavorful and tender. Plus, the price is just right with the amount of serving. Really a must try!

Sorry I don't have a decent shot of Hungry Rover's Truck. (Right Photo) Angus Tapa from Hungry Rover (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)

Other participating trucks are: Ser Chef's Lechon by Mitzi, The Cheesesteak Shop, Mio Gelati which serves unique gelato flavors, Truck Bun, Jasper's House of Chicken, and a whole lot more.

Food Truck Park is an open space area where people can decide whether to eat their orders on provided tables and chairs around the park or just have a picnic style whereas sitting on the grass. You decide.Capitol Commons is a good place to relax and bond with whoever you are with while eating. I envy those offices who are just near and walking distant to this place. Sigh.

Thank you guys for taking me here! Till our next food trip! (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)

The rise of food trucks has shown people that good quality food doesn't need to come from a stand-alone and fancy restaurant. I can't wait to see these food trucks grow and be available in different parts of the Metro.

Note: Before you visit the Capitol Commons to experience this exciting event, check first the Food Truck Park FB page for schedules.

7 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Travelers in Your Life


Christmas season has finally arrived and with it comes the bustle and hustle of gift buying for our friends and love ones. Deciding a gift for travelers is quite complex and tricky. There are many types of travelers out there and they are very different from one another, ranging from cowboy-style backpackers to a classy jet setters, but I have here some gift ideas that you may find useful to give to your love ones and friends who loves to travel. Well, honestly speaking, this also serves as my wishlist for 2013. =]

1. Chargers -  Power banks and Adapters

Wishlist status: I already have these. Yeah.

Power banks and Solar Chargers. These have been an essential to travelers since the era of smartphones and tablets arises and conquer the world of travelling. Gadget fanatics and hikers will definitely love this things since they have limited source of electricity whenever they hit the road.

Photo from
Adapters on the other hand are very useful for people who travels outside the country. The Universal Adapters comes with different plug shapes and sizes that matches the outlets found in countries around the world. A common Universal Adapter has the 3 pins plug, 2 pins, slanting pins, and circular plugs. These types of sockets are commonly used in UK, Europe and US. There is also an adapter wherein it converts a single socket/electrical plug in to 2 or more electrical plug. Having this, you may now charge your phone and your tablet simultaneously and eliminate the usual routine wherein you'll wait for the first gadget to be full before you can able to charge the other one.

Photo from

2. Bags - Body Bag and Dry Bags

Wishlist status: Please give me a TNF body bag and/or dry bag #beggingHere.

Well aside from backpacks and strollers, I find body bags very useful. I use it as a secondary storage for things which I frequently used in travelling (eg. wallet, coin purse, passport, bus tickets, etc). So instead of putting them to your main bag and digging them up whenever you needed it (which may result clutter whatever the things inside your bag), why don't you put them on some of these in which you can immediately get them, and put them back in no time.

For travelers who are fond of  water activities and beaches, I suggest you give them dry bags. These bags come in different sizes and of course, its waterproof. No more worries on getting things and gadgets get wet whenever in an island hopping trip.

Photo from Scuba Symphony

3. Plane Ticket / Voucher

Wishlist status: I accept ticket destined anywhere in the Philippines! #coron #davao #amanpulo

Encourage him/her to travel more by giving a boat or plane ticket to his/her favorite state, province, or country. Tip: wait for a seat sale or promo before buying. This will save you up to 50% or more than the regular prize.

Win 1 round trip ticket from AirAsia Zest - Click here
Traveling is fun but the long drive and activities in between travel is exhausting. A voucher on a spa, body massage or facial treatment is a great way to treat your wanderer buddy/love one. 

4) Organizers / Packing Cubes

Wishlist status: Still waiting for somebody to give me this. When it comes to my wishlist, it is not in my top priority though. #lols

Selecting what to pack is quite easy. However, packing (organizing) them inside the bag is a different issue. Not every backpackers have the gift of spatial visualization (this includes me). But with these cubes, packing and unpacking is simplified since things are organize and easy to locate. With a variety of sizes available in the market, you'll definitely find one that will perfectly fit on your (or your friend's) travel bag.

Photo from Everyday North of 60 Further South

5) Clothing and Accessories

Wishlist status: I prefer polarized sunglasses from Neff or Oakley. For hoodie, A Men's Surgent Hoodie from TNF pleaseeeee... Color: TNF Black/ TNF Red #feelingero

Travelers also want clothes and accessories. Giving us something like sunglasses as gift will makes us happy too. It does not only make us stylish but also protects our eyes from direct sun rays and dust during our travel. Another stylish stuff you can give are earphones. Listening to music or watching a movie is just the perfect activity for killing time during long travel, drive and flight. Noise cancelling headphones are the best type you can actually give. Other thing that I can suggest are jackets and scarfs -- Essentials for the cold times, a great source of warmth.

Photo from Action Sport Optics
Photo from The North Face

6) Swiss Army / Multi-Tool

Wishlist status: I already have this and named it "Stanley".

Travelers are fascinated on things which are compact, multi-purpose and space saver. With that, Multi-Tools are always on top of the list for gift ideas for backpackers. It comes in small size yet it serves several functions. Other versions include items like knives, tweezers, bottle opener, folding scissors, screwdriver bits and others. A very handy tool for people who loves outdoor activities like trekking and camping.

Photo from

 7. Go Pro Camera (currently number 1 on my wishlist)

Wishlist status: I hope Go Pro pips will be able read this blog and give me a Hero 3 Black Edition... I hope. Hope. Dear God. Please

The HERO3+ Black Edition, to be specific. A very handy camera - small, compact, light yet a mighty cam. Perfect gift for people who are engage in extreme sports and adventures. Records HD videos. Video resolutions can go up to 4k and with its 12mp camera, you can shoot up to 30 frames per second. Not only that, it is also waterproof. So you can have underwater shots on the pristine waters of Palawan, Davao and Batangas. How cool is that huh?

There you have it. I hope I helped you out on deciding what to give this season to your love ones and friends who love to travel. And hey, if you have other things on your mind you may use the comment section below to share it. I'll be glad to read your thoughts. Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

** My entry to Out of Town Blog's contest - Travel Bloggers Christmas Wishlist

A Day at Pico de Loro Cove - Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas


Batangas homed some of the most beautiful beaches and resorts in Luzon specially the Nasugbu part of it. Though it may not possess the whitest sand, the relaxation that visitors may experience due to nature that surrounds this place fairly makes it up. Therefore, it is not surprising that this place has always been on the list of Manilenos whenever they are, or should I say, whenever we are ask on where to go for an out of town trip. Having said that, we chose the town of Batangas to hold our team building/team outing!

It was pretty tough to decide where we should go. There are lots of potential resorts in Batangas and we have bosses coming from different sides of the world so we need to consider high class place but also not to risk our own pockets. Haha.

Then we came across Pico de Loro Cove of Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas. It is a private beach club owned by SM investment group. It is so private that the only way for an individual to access this place are 1) to own an apartment unit, 2) know someone that owns a unit and have an endorsement from them 3) or book a room at Pico Sands Hotel. Being tagged as private, staying at Pico de Loro is accompanied as a luxurious trip. Thank Goodness, we know someone who owns a unit and have us endorsed. That lessen our expense BIG TIME!

How to get there?

1. Take SLEX (Southbound) headed toward Laguna.
2. Take the STA. ROSA EXIT and turn right after the toll booth. Follow the road all the way to Tagaytay City. (Alternatively, you may choose to take the ETON EXIT (after STA. ROSA EXIT))
3. Once you're along Aguinaldo Highway in Tagaytay City, you will pass: Josephine’s Restaurant, Taal Vista Hotel
4. When you reach the Junction of Balayan (Caltex Station at the Right), turn right again to go to Nasugbu (You will pass Central Azucarera de Don Pedro on your left side)
5. When you reach the Shell Gas Station (Left side), turn right to go to the Nasugbu Town Proper.
6. Go straight until you reach the road that will take you uphill. You will pass by the “Brgy Wawa” arch and the following developments: Canyon Cove, Kawayan Cove, Terazzas de Punta Fuego, Tali Beach Club, Peninsula de Punta Fuego
7. Go further uphill until you reach Pico de Loro by following the yellow signage of “Hamilo Coast”

Disclaimer: Please don't ask me or clarify anything about the given direction above. I just got it from their website. All I knew was during our trip, it was like a never-ending roadtrip. Haha. Well, kidding aside, it was 3-4 hours of long drive from Manila to Pico de Loro with the suggested direction.

Its Christmas at Pico de Loro lobby!
Pico de Loro Cove is a 37.5 hectare of coastal community with lots... i mean tons of activities/amenities to offer which includes both outdoor and indoor activities. They even have a tagline that says it will take 40 hours for an individual to experience all sports and recreational activities of Pico de Loro. And I strongly believe on that. However, he or she should also prepare his/her wallet to cover all the acts.

They also have an infinity pool here
The management cares for their visitors. External shuttles roams around the vicinity and take every visitors to their desired place. It is free of charge and there's a frequent rotations. This eliminates long wait to go from one place to another and also saves time.

Team CertPoint!!! Yeah!
I can say that this beach club is suitable for all types of vacationers. Why? Because the activities they offer here doesn't focus on a single type of customer.

Sports oriented type of guests may use/rent their badminton facilities, basketball court (indoor), beach volleyball and table tennis. For Family bonding, enjoy some bowling session and karaoke at their KTV hubs. Extreme seekers and adventurers will definitely enjoy banana boat, scuba diving, jet skiing and hiking. While nature trippers should avail the cove tour and water taxi. Also, health conscious can do biking and jogging around the vicinity.

Sun bathing. Anyone?
Perfect for brisk walking, jogging and even biking
Lastly, food enthusiasts. Bars, restaurants and cafes are available and offers wide varieties of food in terms of selection. One will definitely satisfy his or her taste buds.

Ate Mars enjoying the variety of food
Three fourths of our stay were spent at the beach part of the club. Summer season is still far to come so we really missed being on the beach. The shore is quite big. It has lots of umbrellas and beds which are perfect for sunbathing. Beach volleyball and soccer area are also located at the beach shore.

The girls are now ready for some water action
Team QAs and Developer :P
Sorry guys I will not lay on that one
We were only there for a day trip and it is definitely not enough to experience all of what Pico de Loro can offer. But it was definitely a great experience. Luxurious trip on its finest actually. I don't know if I could be here again yet I still hope someday.

Chill time!
Hamilo Coast, Pico de Loro - Nasugbu, Batangas
For reservation, contact Pico Sands Hotel at (02) 214-7888 or (0917) 809-1289
For membership inquiries, ontact Pico de Loro at +632.902.8053
For amenities ratings and other information, you may visit their official website. Click here.

A Chance to Win (1) Roundtrip Ticket with AirAsia Zest: “The Right Way to Fly”


07 November 2013 - I have been invited to a dinner event hosted by AirAsia Zest at New Orleans/Claw Daddy in High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Along with the great foods that were served that night, AirAsia Zest announced 4 great news that everyone needs to know:
  1. AirAsia Zest Rebranding
  2. AirAsia Zest Cebu Hub Launch
  3. AirAsia Zest Miri, Malaysia New Destination
  4. AirAsia Zest Macau New Destination

"Zest Air has been re-branded as AirAsia Zest!" Yes, you read it right. Last September 21, 2013, Zest Air were pleased to announce that they are now flying with AirAsia, The World’s Best Low Cost Airline. The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) approved “AirAsia Zest” as the new brand name of Zest Airways, Inc. CAB also approved the new logo of Zest Airways, Inc., wherein the Zest name has been incorporated into the iconic red hot circle, which is the signature logo of AirAsia.

Have you imagined that? AirAsia, the World’s Best Low Cost Airline in the annual World Airline Survey by Skytrax for five consecutive, have merged forces with Zest Air, a Filipino low cost carrier. With that kind of equation, flying is now easy and affordable for every Filipino. And it is safe to say that every Filipino is now given the “Right Way to Fly” as these two will now travel together as AirAsia Zest! 

But wait because there's more. The great news doesn't stop on the merging part of these two big airlines as AirAsia Philippines opened a hub in Manila and Cebu!

AirAsia in Manila: AirAsia Zest, Terminal 4 is the perfect place for Manila-based people who love to travel within or outside the Philippines. From their former hub in Clark, AirAsia Zest now flying from Manila at NAIA Terminal 4. AirAsia Zest in Manila is currently servicing six (6) domestic routes, namely: Cebu, Davao, Kalibo (Boracay), Puerto Princesa, Tagbilaran, Cagayan de Oro. And six (6) international routes, namely: Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Shanghai, Incheon, Miri, Macau.

AirAsia in Cebu: AirAsia Zest continues to expand its network and adds four new direct flights from Mactan Cebu International Airport to Kuala Lumpur and to top tourist destinations of Manila, Puerto Princesa (Palawan), Davao and Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines.

AirAsia Zest’s new service to Davao, Cagayan de Oro and Puerto Princesa (Palawan) provides accessibility to island beaches, marine sanctuaries, extreme sports activities and exciting water sports.

New Destination! Miri, Malaysia and Macau, China

Miri is known for spectacular rainforest, enormous caves and limestone formations that have been listed as a World Heritage Site and many more eco-tourism attractions. While on the other hand, Macau is famously described as the Las Vegas in Asia. And just two weeks ago, AirAsia Zest continues to expand its regional network with the introduction of its latest direct flights from Manila to Miri and Macau.

Having said that, these 2 new routes provide another opportunity for Filipinos to have access to a new and attractive destination as well for our OFWs to have the best travel options at affordable fares! Awesome huh?!

So what are you waiting for? Book now @!

AirAsia Zest, The Right Way to Fly.
Like AirAsia Philippines Facebook Page:
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[Attention Readers] Win One Roundtrip Domestic Flight 

from AirAsia Zest!

In partnership with AirAsia Zest, Geejay Travel Log is giving away (1) roundtrip plane ticket to any AirAsia Zest domestic destinations to (1) lucky reader. Joining this contest is easy. It is open to all Philippine residents with an age of 18 years old and above. The contest will run from November 20,2013 up to December 23,2013. The lucky winner will be announced on Christmas Day - December 25,2013 on Geejay Travel Log Facebook Fan Page. This will be a gift from Geejay Travel Log and AirAsia Zest for you.

You can join the contest by posting a comment  along with your "Fullname", "Email Address" and answer this: "What AirAsia Zest domestic destination will you choose if you win the contest? (Cebu, Davao, Kalibo (Boracay), Puerto Princesa, Tagbilaran, Cagayan de Oro)" found below this blog post. Commenting on this post, you will instantly gain 1 raffle entry to the contest. Easy right?

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Mt Romelo - Buruwisan Falls, Batya Batya Falls and Sampaloc Falls


Mt. Romelo is a popular destination for newbie mountaineers. Situated in Siniloan, Laguna and stands at 300 MASL, Mt. Romelo is considered to be a minor climb. It is also rated 2/9 in terms of its difficulty by Pinoy Mountaineer. But despite the given specs, Mt. Romelo is known for having muddy trails on both sunny and specially during rainy seasons. Therefore, extreme precautions must always be observed upon hiking. Some also mistaken called this as Mt. "Famy". A name of a town adjacent to Siniloan.

This mountain is not just about trekking and reaching the summit as it also houses beautiful and hidden falls. Waterfalls like Batya-Batya Falls, Sampaloc Falls, Buruwisan Falls, and Lanzones Falls are found in the forest of Mt. Romelo and most of them are located near the campsite. Having said that, Mt Romelo are hiked all year-round. Trekking on summer is ideal because the trails are less muddy but to be able to see the full water size of the falls, trekking on rainy season is advised.

How to get there?
You may take a bus at Raymond Bus Line bound to Infanta, Quezon. This is the only bus line that passes right thru the jump-off of Mt. Romelo from Manila. Just tell the bus conductor that you'll be heading at Mt. Romelo and to drop you off at Trois Restaurant in Siniloan. Near Trois Restaurant is the jump off point to Mt. Romelo. By the way, Raymond Bus Line terminal is situated at Sampaloc, Manila. Fare going to Siniloan is about 130 pesos.

After we registered and logged our names which costs us 50 pesos per head, our adventure to Mt. Romelo starts! Trail going to the peak starts with crossing a stream of river. From that moment, I knew that our trek will be slippery and muddy at the same time.

Start of our trek
I found the trail going to the peak of Mt Romelo as beginners-friendly. 1) There were resting site scattered evenly along the way with long log that serves as chairs for trekkers, 2) vendors [of buko juice and sodas] are visible until almost half of the trek, 3) shades are also available for most of the part and 4) lastly, it has lesser steep trails compared to other mountains I've been through.

Shady part of the trail
Smile guys!
One of the store you'll encounter at Mt. Romelo
The view is also superb. There is a spot at Mt. Romelo wherein we stopped for a couple of minutes to enjoy a 360 view while fresh air touches our skins and blowing our hair. During the stop, we also have some group shots and not to forget, "selfies".

Though we only stopped for about 5 or 10 minutes, it was really refreshing and energizing. We went back again on trekking and rushed because we want to be in campsite before the sun goes down.

Group photo op
Random citizen in Mt Romelo
After 2 hours of walking/trekking, we finally reached the campsite. I must say that the site is pretty big and can accommodate several groups. There are available nipa huts that can be rented which is ideal for night campers (but I don't know how much they cost). But for us, we have our tents. We miss sleeping in tents despite the uneven floor from stones and roots. So after pitching our tents, we prepared and eat our dinner, had some socials, swim a bit in the river, then we all took a rest.

Rest and chat time...

Batya Batya Falls, Sampaloc Falls, and Buruwisan Falls

We started our second day having a goal of exploring all the waterfalls in Mt. Romelo. However we failed to accomplish that goal. There are seven waterfalls known and have been explored in the area, namely: Buruwisan Falls, Lansones Falls, Sampaloc Falls, Batya-Batya Falls, Old Buruwisan Falls, Twin Falls, and Sapang Labo Falls. Among the stated waterfalls we were able to visit only three. Aw.

Just experimenting...
First off is Batya Batya Falls. Batya Batya Falls which means "small tub" or "basin" is located in the northern part of the campsite and approximately a kilometer away. Reaching Batya Batya Falls is quiet hard especially when you have gadgets with you. I suggest you put them on a dry bag or waterproof case before visiting Batya Batya Falls. Why? Because in order to reach the falls, you'll be wading along shoulder-deep to neck-dip water. I even had to carry my camera and tripod high up as I swim across to reach land again.

Reaching the site of Batya Batya Falls
Batya Batya Falls is a two-level waterfall. You'll be swimming at 18 ft. deep water in order to reach the other side and see its second level. This time I didn't brought my camera. Leaving my camera was a mistake because Sampaloc Falls is just right above Batya Batya Falls. Shame. Having said that, I didn't have any photo of Sampaloc Falls. Sampaloc Falls has its own cascading beauty and a decent-sized catch-basin.

Last is Buruwisan Falls. Buruwisan Falls is just located below the campsite. This is the biggest and tallest waterfall in Mt Romelo. It is approximately 180 ft tall and characterized with large catch-basin. Rappelling is one of the many things that can be done in Buruwisan Falls. Don't resist yourself from diving into the water because you'll just going to fail. With clear and wide catch-basin, it is really hard not to go for a swim in Buruwisan Falls.

Presenting... Buruwisan Falls
We wanted to visit the other falls unfortunately, we don't have enough time. We enjoyed and stayed too much  in the 3 waterfalls stated above. We miscalculated our time and we need to leave in order to reach Manila before nightfall. I guess this is not the last time I'll be seeing Mt. Romelo...

... So I guess this is just the first part of my write up on Mt. Romelo and it is decent to say, "Till we meet again".