Cafe Mezzanine of Binondo, Manila


Chinatown in Binondo, Manila is renowned as the oldest china town in the world but aside from that, it is also known as one of the best spot if you're looking for some gastronomic adventure. The place is very ideal if you're into food tripping because Binondo, specifically Chinatown, has lots of restaurants in which one will surely delight his or her appetite. One of the restaurant I am referring to is the Cafe Mezzanine.

Located in the heart of Chinatown and on the busy street of Ongpin, Cafe Mezzanine is referred as a Volunteer Fireman's Coffee Shop. The place is a fireman's life inspired restaurant in which you'll see firemen's helmets decorated on the place and images of firefighting actions. But having said that, the place still has the cool and homey vibes that ensures customers' dinning satisfaction. Also, it is said to be that all revenues of Cafe Mezzanine is donated to Binondo Paco Fire Search and Rescue Brigade (as per CNN news). Gee, that's noble!

How to get there? 
There are so many ways going to Chinatown of Binondo but if you're going straight to Cafe Mezzanine, I suggest you take the MRT going to Central Station. Then from Central, take a jeep going to Quiapo. Just inform the jeepney driver to drop you at Binondo Church. Alight at Binondo Church, walk/take the road on its right side (right side if you are facing the church). Just keep walking until you see the Eng Bee Tin sign as Cafe Mezzanine is located on its 2nd floor.

It wasn't my first time in Binondo but this is my first time to eat at Cafe Mezzanine. I am excited with this visit because I heard a lot of great feedback regarding this restaurant. Not to mention that it has been featured in CNN as one of the best food spot in town. I am not familiar with Chinese dishes so we let Ate Kat decide on what we should eat (plus, it was her treat). Yes! Thanks Bes! :)

Fire awareness campaign mat. Nice!
The interior
I remember the Mcdo TVC when I saw them
Thanks Ate Kat! :)

In the end, it turned out to be a fiesta for the three of us because she ordered a lot! Here are some of the dishes we end up eating with...

Xiao Long Bao (10 pcs.) - 160 PhP
These are pretty delicious
Lo-mi - 115 PhP
Comfort food this rainy season
Soup No. 5 - 250 PhP
I didn't know if there are soup #1 - #4 but wht I know is, Soup #5 is not your ordinary soup. Why? Because it is made of bull's testes and/or penis. This is an exotic food in the country and said to be have an aphrodisiac properties.

Camaron Rebosado - 200 PhP

Lechon Kawali - 115 PhP
I don't know if they serve the dish just like what we've got but it was cold when they serve it in our table. However, it still does tastes great. Also, the pork's skin were crispy despite its coldness which is kind of interesting.

Not for people with high cholesterol :)

Forgot the name of this dish...

Kiampong - 48 PhP
This dish caught my attention. Nuts in a rice? Yes, it is unusual. That's also what I thought when I first ate it but it was actually great. It goes along well with the dishes above and even just by eating it alone. I enjoyed my Kianpong a lot.

Me and my officemates really had a blast and had an amazing time. Our first plan was to really have a food hopping in Binondo but Cafe Mezzanine mess it up. We ended up with bulky tummies. Cafe Mezzanine is another must visit place when in Binondo.