Kamay ni Hesus Shrine of Lucban, Quezon


Quezon Province is a popular pilgrimage destination in Luzon. Reasons are 1) it is where Mt. Banahaw is situated which is considered to be as a holy ground and 2) it is a home to "Kamay ni Hesus" which is a healing church that has been founded in the year 1998 by Rev. Fr. Joseph Ayala Faller. And as for this blog post, I will be sharing my experience in this 5-hectare garden/shrine -- Kamay ni Hesus Shrine.

How to get there?
Going to Kamay ni Hesus is easy. From LRT-Buendia Bus Terminal, take a bus bound to Lucena. Inform the bus conductor that you will be off at Lucena Grand Central Terminal. As you reach Grand Central Terminal, transfer to a jeepney bound to Lucban. Advise the driver that you are going to Kamay ni Hesus church. Nonetheless, you will easily notice the place due to the large sign on the entrance and because it is a regular stop for jeepneys because most of the passengers drop here.
The chapel where healing mass are being hold
Kamay ni Hesus was built under the leadership of Fr. Joseph Faller, a well-known healing priest. It is located in Brgy. Tinamnan, Lucban, Quezon. Kamay ni Hesus is a healing center where a healing mass is being conducted in the chapel every Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9:30 in the morning.

But with a 5-hectare land area, you don't expect that it will only hold a church, right? Yup, there are other things in Kamay ni Hesus shrine aside from its church and chapel. It also depicts some of the story written in the bible in the form of statues. Huge/life-size replicas of Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, Noah's Ark, and some animals in the story are scattered in the area. Kids and kids-alike will surely enjoy this place. People will also be educated about religion and stuff alike just by roaming and exploring the place.

Adam and Eve
The Eden Falls
One of the highlight in Kamay ni Hesus is climbing the 300++ steps going on top of the hill where a 50-feet tall statue of Christ lies. The statue is known as the third biggest in the world that can be seen miles away. I lost count when I went up so I just ask a caretaker of the place about the total number of steps. He told me that there are 310 steps. Though it might sound many and tiring, you will not feel much exhausted because as you go along, you will still encounter a life size statues, but this time it is about the 14 Stations of the Cross. They were planted in the area accordingly until you reach the top. Stopping, staring and offering a prayer on it makes you energized and keep you going.

Some of the scenes as you went up that hill
I feel glorified and blessed as I reached and stood on top. Seeing the statue of Christ in full size along with the astounding scenery while on top is really breathtaking. I felt like "He" was just right beside me that time. Maybe, I can say that I felt I was in heaven during my stay on top of that hill. It was spiritually refreshing.

I am actually at the foot of this statue (Photo from Edward Calugtong)
Even though its pretty crowded, we found spiritual peace on this place
After some picture taking and bonding on top of the hill, we decided to bid farewell to this place. But before we went back down, again, we offered a prayer...

Isn't it breathtaking?
Mass Schedule:
Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri - 9:00am
Saturdays - 5:00pm
Sundays - 7:30am | 9:00am | 10:30am | 11:30am | 4:00pm

Healing Mass Schedule:
Wednesdays and Saturdays - 9:30AM

If ever you'll visit Kamay ni Hesus, try their popular dish called Pansit Habhab. There are stalls outside Kamay ni Hesus that sold it. It is a must-try when visiting Lucban or any part of Quezon.

This is how you eat Pansit Hab Hab
Breakdown of Expenses:
Bus fare (Buendia Terminal - Grand Central Terminal, roundtrip) - 410 Pesos
Jeepney fare - (Grand Central Terminal - Kamay ni Hesus, roundtrip) - 40 Pesos
Food - **.**
Reminder: This is a religious site. Please observe decent clothes when visiting the place. Let's all respect the house of the Lord. Thanks! :]

Taytay Falls [or Imelda Falls] of Majayjay, Laguna


Three names yet referring to one beautiful spot in Laguna. That's how I recall this waterfall...

Taytay Falls is a two-story high waterfall which others call it as the Majayjay Falls and even the Imelda Falls. The reason why it has so many names is because of its rich background. Its famous name is actually Taytay Falls but since it is located at Brgy. Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna, people has started calling it Majayjay Falls. Another story is, it got its other name (which is Imelda Falls) from the First Lady of the late Ferdinand Marcos named Imelda Marcos, as she financed the promotion of tourism in this place and because of this, there was a time where the World Bank has sponsored the promotion of tourism in Taytay Falls. With those stories, I hope I eliminated the confusion when I use these 3 different names to refer the place for this post.

Off to Majayjay Falls!
How to get there?
Take a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna at Buendia (Gil Puyat - LRT) bus terminal. Fare is around 150 - 160 pesos. Notify the bus conductor that you are heading to Taytay Falls and to drop you off at the terminal where jeepneys going to Majayjay are located. Afterwards, take one of those jeepneys that bound to Majayjay which costs for about 40 pesos. Then from Majayjay proper, take a direct trip to Taytay/Brgy. Gagalot where you'll be needing to register first at the Barangay Hall before you can proceed to the location of the falls. Jeepney fare is 16 pesos and registration/entrance fee is 35 pesos per head. It was approximately 3-4 hours of travel time from Manila to Majayjay.

As soon as we finished paying our fees at the barangay hall, we started trekking all the way down to Taytay Falls. You need to walk for about 10-15 minutes in order to reach its location. Don't worry because you'll be breathing in and out fresh air since the way to Taytay Falls is surrounded with plants and trees. I can say that it is almost like a forest but with a concrete path way for the visitors to walk in.

All were excited as the splashes of falling water gets louder and louder
Upon reaching the Taytay Falls, every one of us got excited and astounded with the beauty of this waterfall. It is tall, wide and beautifully surrounded with nature on the side. Not to mention how clear the water running on Taytay Falls. Perhaps this is the clearest and cleanest waterfall I've been through. We could all say that the long travel was really worth it.

Presenting... the Taytay Falls [aka Majayjay Falls/Imelda Falls]
Water that came all the way from Mt Banahaw
After we found a spot where we can settle and put our things into safety, its time to dive on that water. Wait! I have to warn you that Taytay Falls water is cold... i mean very cold... what i really mean is, it is freezing cold,  like icy cold. To prove this, we even put our bottled drinks into the water to make it cold and it was effective. It was like a big refrigerator. Well, we just put stones around our drinks so that it wouldn't flown away down to the river. All I can say is, although the water is freezing cold, it is also refreshing. It didn't stop us from diving on it.

Photo op before the actual swimming
Its not cold [Mind over matter]... oh well, its not working because it is really cold

We pause from swimming to have our lunch and it was great. We are all hungry and all our canned goods tasted like lechon of Cebu. I guess that was because of the long travel we've been through. This adventure releases all our stress. It was nice to take a break away from the pollution of the city.

The best! Eating after diving into the waterfall
Tents are the only means of lodging in Taytay Falls. Expect no services like electricity and phone coverage. There are toilets and bathrooms available but don't expect too much. There were lots of campers the day we visited Taytay Falls. I can't blame them. If only this place is near my place, I'll definitely camp here most of my nights and drink out with a bonfire. Too bad we only planned for a day visit. I didn't experience an overnight. I bet it will be colder than during the day... feels like a fully air conditioned room at its maximum.

Down stream part of Majayjay Falls
Well, that's the end of our adventure. We departed at around 4:00 PM to go back to Manila. I hope the local community authority continues on enforcing strict rules on waste management in the area. In that way, the beauty of this waterfall will be remain and preserve for the future generations.

Breakdown of Expenses:
Bus ride (Buendia - Sta Cruz) - 160.00 PhP
Jeepney ride (Sta Cruz - Majayjay) - 40.00 PhP
Jeepney ride (Majayjay - Taytay) - 16.00 PhP
Registration Fee - 35.00 PhP
Jeepney ride (Taytay - Bus terminal) - 50.00 PhP
Bus ride (Bus terminal - Manila) - 170.00 PhP
Food - **.**

Manila Ocean Park: Your All Season Holiday Destination


It's been quite a while that my only destination has just been office-house and house-office. This is not doing me any good. I have to go to other place despite the interchanging of super hot - super wet weather that Philippines is experiencing. The extreme hot weather condition and/or the strong rains really makes me lazy to plan on an out of town trip. So, I am looking for a spot inside the Metro and here's where Google takes place.

After searching on the net and several Tabs of Google Chrome, I finally picked the spot for my Metro Manila getaway and I chose The Manila Ocean Park.

How to get there?
Manila Ocean Park is facing the Quirino Grand Stand and behind the park will be Manila Bay. Having said that, this is one of those places which requires a taxi/cab to be able to reach if you are not a fan of walking. But for those whose having a long walk is not a problem, here's my suggestion: You can take an LRT 1 going to Taft. You may drop off at United Nations station since this is the nearest station to Manila Ocean Park. From UN station, walk towards TM Kalaw going to Manila Bay. You'll know you're in the right route if you passed by the National Library, the huge Lapu Lapu statue and Rizal Park. Facing Rizal Park is the Quirino Grandstand. Walk towards it. Behind it is where Manila Ocean Park. The key here is to ask people there for directions since this is a long walk.

Manila Ocean Park is the first Oceanarium in the country and it is the largest aquarium facility with a floor area of 8,000 sq. ft.. It is a marine life themed park in which visitors will witness a large varieties of marine creatures like fishes, sharks, rays, etc. The park is proud of its 25-meter long underwater tunnel full of creatures mentioned earlier. Aside from this, the place is very educational. Children and children-alike will surely learn and enjoy during a stay in this place.

The Manila Ocean Park has lots of attractions to offer to its visitors. There are customized packages to choose from to save time on picking which place to try and also to save money. I recommend to get packages instead of buying tickets individually.

Below are some of the list of attractions and packages that Manila Ocean Park offers:

There's more to this (Photo from MOP's website)
The package we took is worth 700 PhP which includes: Oceanarium, Trails to Antarctica, Jellies Exhibit, Fish Spa, Marine Life Show, and the Musical Fountain Show. It was half a day adventure and in which our time management skills were put into test. Haha... Ok! Lets have a tour inside the Manila Ocean Park!

Note: The following photos were taken using camera phone #sigh 

The Marine Life Show (Reg Price 150PhP)

These sea lions are adorable
Located next to the ticket counters, our adventure starts with the Marine Life Show where 2 sea lions are the main attraction along with their trainers. Everyone watching the show really adore watching these two sea lions as they dance, act and speak (dont take this literally). They know how to make people smile with their simple gestures and tricks. It was fun to watch and if I had a chance, I would like to volunteer to have an up-close and personal interaction with them in the stage.

Oceanarium (Reg Price 400PhP)

Next off is the Oceanarium. I believe it occupies the largest portion of Manila Ocean Park as this holds the largest marine aquarium in country. It is divided into 5 sections, namely: the Agos, the Bahura, the Laot, the Buhay na Karagatan, and the Ang Kalaliman. Five sections with 5 different environment.

Agos is rain forest themed with tanks of freshwater fishes like Giant Arapaima, Alligator Gar, Arowanas, Giant Gourami, Catfishes and more. The area is not air-conditioned but because of the hanging vines and the trees and plants around it, it made the place cooler.

Bahura showcases different colorful and unique types of fishes. This place is very fascinating because you've got to see in person fishes with different characteristics. For example is the tank where Reef Stonefishes are contained. They are labeled like that because of their abilities to hide/camouflaged as a rock. We also got to see Nemo's family which are the clown fishes in this area.

Laot also known as the fishing ground. Characterized by huge tanks, Laot is filled with large fishes like Largetooth Sawfish, Two-spot Red Snapper, and Giant Tuna.

Moment at the "Laot" 
Buhay na Karagatan is what I considered to be the highlight of the Oceanarium. It is a 25-meter long underwater walk way tunnel full of different types of fishes including sting rays and sharks. We also got to witness how they feed them by having one of their staff dive into the aquarium full of big creatures to feed and interact with them. This is the most crowded part of the section and I understands why.

This is not Hongkong Ocean Park :]
Ang Kalaliman is the last stop of Oceanarium. It holds creatures living in the deepest part of the sea.This where people got to clearly see how sharks behave when they're down there.

Fish Spa (Reg Price 120PhP)

My "Happy" feet
This is my favorite Manila Ocean Park experience (Well, my girlfriend couldn't say the same. Lol). It is a foot spa with a twist. One will need to dip his/her feet into a water full of small fishes. After a matter of seconds, fishes will start kissing your toes. It was tickling at first but as it come along, it became manageable (still not applicable on my girlfriend). The spa lasts for 10 minutes.

Trails to Antarctica (Reg Price 300PhP)

This section brings visitors to the coldest part area of the Earth. It is a walk through exhibit to learn more about the frozen continent. Trails to Antarctica is divided into 3 parts. It has the Slide O'Fun, Penguin Exhibit and Snow Village. We didn't try the ice slide called Slide O'Fun but we've got to see the penguins at Penguin Exhibit. We have also experience to feed these "Happy Feet" which costs us extra 500 peso because the feeding activity is not included in the package. It is an inclusive of photo op with the penguins and a take home CD of our photos. 

Feeding Time!
Snow village is a small room with a very low temperature which makes you feels like you're actually in Antarctica and it has a winter Christmas theme. Jackets will be distributed before entering the said room. Just be careful inside because the floor is slippery ice. It got me sliding several times.

Jellies Exhibit (Reg Price 150PhP)

Their like glowing in the dark! (Photo from MOP's website)

This area is filled with tanks full of different species of jelly fish. It is dark inside and the only light you'll see are the one that is lighting the tanks. Tanks lighting are changing and it feels like those jellies we're glowing. It was very relaxing watching them like their dancing. I never thought I would be hook into this creature of the sea. 

Musical Fountain Show (Reg Price 300 PhP)

Very entertaining (Photo from MOP's website)

As to end our Manila Ocean Park experience that day, we watched the Musical Fountain Show. It is an animated water fountain entertainment, a laser light with music choreography, and a live performance combined into one show!

At the end of this adventure... me and my girlfriend were both tired and happy. It was indeed a great tour. Also, an educating one. What I mentioned above are just some of the attractions that can be experienced at Manila Ocean Park (I missed 1 adventure, the Aquanaut but there will always be a next time). Come and visit them at Manila Ocean Park, Luneta, Manila (behind Quirino Grandstand).

Dry Encounter (Reg Price 300 PhP)

By the way, I also avail their Dry Encounter experience wherein I've got to see and touch a rays. It was also educational because facilitators tried to explain to me the different types of rays they have and how to identify them. At the end of this experience. 1 printed copy of my photo during my Dry Encounter was given.

Breakdown of Expenses: 
Ultimate Adventure Package - 700 PhP x 2 = 1,400 PhP
  • Attractions: Oceanarium, Trails to Antarctica, Jellies Exhibit, Fish Spa, Marine Life Show, and the Musical Fountain Show
Dry Encounter - 300 PhP
Penguin Feeding - 500 PhP
Transportation - **.**
Food - **.**

Tous les Jours | Waffles & Loyalty Card Launching


Tous Les Jours (pronounced as "Tu-Le-Juru") has already established its name in Metro Manila since the day it started. A sign of this are the store branches that are popping out all around the Metro. ManileƱos are now learning about the freshness of Tous les Jours products and just yesterday, I have been a part of another Tous Les Jours milestone as they opened their 12th store located in SM Jazz Mall, Makati.

How to get there?
Take a MRT ride going to Buendia station. From Buendia, look for the Shell station. On the opposite road, there is a jeepney stop for Ayala-bound jeepneys. Take a jeepney ride. Fare is 8 pesos. Just tell the jeepney driver to drop you at SM Jazz or Mapua Makati. They will not going to drop you at the exact location of SM Jazz but it is just a matter of few steps from SM Jazz. Tous Les Jours is located on the 1st floor and in front of the parking lot.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony
The event started with the usual ribbon-cutting ceremony initiated by TLJ President Andrea Amado with Ms. Daiana Menezes (who's so beautiful by the way). After the ribbon-cutting, every invited guest were welcomed to come inside the store. My first impression as I entered this TLJ branch was it's much bigger compared to some of their branch. Aside from the counters and display area of pastries and cakes, Tous Les Jours of SM Jazz also have dining tables, dinning chairs and couches. But the great things are, they preserve the vibes as well as the architectural colors which were also characterized among their other branches.

They welcomed us to come inside TLJ SM Jazz Mall
Couldn't stop myself from taking photos of her

After some meet and greet, and introductions, they also announced 2 more things to be celebrated aside from the 12th store opening. One is the kick off of waffles that will be serve on all TLJ branches and second is the launching of Tous Les Jours's loyalty membership card called "Patisserie Connoisseur".

I think TLJ Jazz can accommodate around 30-40 dine-in customers (photo from TLJ's FB Fan Page)
Same design like their other branches in the metro

Yes, you read it right! Tous Les Jours will start serving us waffles. I am one of the lucky guest to be the first one to taste those waffles (FOR FREE!). Tous Les Jours's waffles comes in 4 different variants: Belgian Waffle, Blueberry Waffle, Strawberry Waffle, and Chocolate Waffle (my favorite among 4). From the time they announced that the waffles were ready to serve, I immediately get one of each kind. I was curious how do these waffles different among the other brands. Verdict, it was sugary crunchy on the outside but as I dig in my teeth into its core, it became softer and started to taste the filling. It was interesting in a good way. Also, I actually find them flavorful. It was tasted according to their labels with an average sweetness -- not bland and not too strong. They valued at 48 pesos each.

Can't tell what just by looking at them... Tasting them is the key
It has sugary crunch outside. Yum!
Good thing my plate wasn't full yet when this was shot (photo from TLJ's FB Page)
Other than the free waffles, free pastries and cakes were also served to the guests! I wished I didn't took meal before I went there. I haven't got to taste everything because I am still full. Shame. But I've got to list some of the products that really caught my taste bud. They will definitely be on my basket the next time I visited Tous Les Jours.

Eye candy muffins! 
Even though they have price tags that day, it was free for us! Hehe
Another list of free taste that day. Yup, cakes were included.
It's really hard to focus with all those cakes in front of me (photo from TLJ's FB Page)
The second announcement is the launching of their membership card called "Patisserie Connoisseur". It can be purchased on any TLJ branch which costs 100 pesos. There's also another way to get this membership card. For every 500 pesos in single receipt food purchase, this entitles you for a FREE Patisserie Connoisseur membership card.. Lucky me, they gave us a free membership card from yesterday's event. Card owners will get 2% discount on every 100 pesos and above worth of products purchase. It may sound a little but saving is still a saving. Not only that, this is also a rebate card wherein on every transaction made on this card, points will be earned which can be used on purchasing TLJ products in the future. Not bad huh? They said that the launching of the membership card is one way of TLJ to say thank you to their dear customers.

One of the tokens they gave us -- "Patisserie Connoisseur"
That's not all, Chef Peter, master baker in Tous Les Jours, done some cake demo for everyone. He did a demonstration on how to make/decorate a rose inspired cake that is being sold in TLJ stores. I think he's practicing witchcraft and sorcery... he did the cake decoration in no time and like it was just a game. #Justkidding. Daiana Menezes also done some part of the cake demo which I find very adorable.

He works like magic!

At the end of the event, everybody was happy and (of course) full as we left Tours Les Jours SM Jazz.

Visit them! Tous Les Jours SM Jazz Mall
109-A Jazz Residences
Jupiter Street, Corner Nicanor Garcia Street
Bel-Air, Makati City

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