Boracay de Cavite - Marine Base Beach Resort of Ternate, Cavite


Security while having fun on the beach. That's how I would describe my experience in Boracay de Cavite Beach Resort which is also called as Marine Base Beach Resort. Yes, you read it right. Boracay de Cavite Beach Resort is situated inside a Philippine Marine Base found in Ternate, Cavite. So expect to see trainees and people in uniform while you are in the area. Having said that, you are guaranteed that this place is safe. So just enjoy!

How to get there?
From Baclaran, take a Saulog bus or a mini bus going to Ternate, Cavite. You'll be spending 85 Php if you take an AC bus and 70 Php for riding a mini bus. This will be a long drive so just charge yourself up before the actual swim. An estimate of 2 to 2 1/2 hours of traveling time before you reach Ternate bus terminal. From the bus terminal, you need to hire a jeepney because there are no public transportations available going to Boracay de Cavite. A 22 seater jeepney can be hired for 2,000 Php - 3,000 Php. This price is already round trip and may vary depending on how good you are in barking. So goodluck! As for those who'll be travelling in private vehicle, take the Coastal Road and go straight to Cavitex. Prepare 24 Php for the Coastal toll fee and 65 Php for the Cavitex toll fee. From Noveleta Exit, drive all the way going to Ternate. Before you reach Ternate, you'll be passing by the towns of Tanza and Naic. Note: Monitor your gas tank gauge because the most accessible gas station to Marine Base is in the city proper of Ternate. You'll know you're in the right direction if you got to see the jump off point of Mt Pico de Loro, Puerto Azul and Caylabne Bay Resort. Just drive until you reach the Main Gate of the Marine Base (which is hard to miss).

Main Gate of Marine Base
From the Main Gate, prepare your entrance fee. 100 Php is charge for a day swim and 200 Php for an overnight stay.  For those who'll be staying overnight, rooms (700 Php) and cottages (350 - 450 Php) are available in the beach side but if you want to cut from these fees you may bring your own tent and just set-up a camp. There's also a pay parking there - Motorcycle: 10 Php (day) / 20 Php (night), Car: 50 Php (day) / 100 Php (night). You need to go back again to your vehicle after paying all those fees because the beach part of this camp is still 2-3 kilometers away from the Main Gate.

Computing our fees :]
As we reach the beach area of Marine Base, I noticed the creamy (not white) and fine texture of its sand. And thought to myself that maybe it is one of the factor why this place is called, the Boracay of Cavite - Just maybe. The area is amazing. Never thought that Cavite has this kind of beach. Aside from the fine sand, it is surrounded by tall stone walls with waves splashing on it (like the one I see in the movies). Most importantly, the area and the water of Boracay de Cavite is clean.

Nice sand and calm water
We brought our own tent

Aside from the tent, we also rented a hut
It is also recommendable for family outings and reunions. Kids will definitely enjoy Boracay de Cavite because the water level of this beach doesn't change drastically. So, kids and teens can enjoy their swim for as long as they know their limits.

Ate Rain and her cute kids
Swimming time!
Visitors can also play beach volleyball. There is a dedicated place for this sport in the mid part of the area and I believe it is for free of use. Just bring your own ball. It is also ideal for other games and team building activities provided that it has a wide area to roam around.


A Sari-Sari store is also available in the area. So if you forgot to bring chips and toiletries, you can buy things there. The comfort room is OK. All covered up and there's no problem with the water supply.

Look how beautiful this place is...

There's not so much amenities in Boracay de Cavite provided that it is a Marine base after all, but I truly enjoyed my visit there. The water and the view is enough for me to say that others should also stop by Boracay de Cavite - Marine Base Beach Resort.

Pack up! EOD... aw (me and my girlfriend)
Before we left Boracay de Cavite - Marine Base Beach Resort...
Breakdown of Expense:
AC Bus (Baclaran to Ternate, round trip) - 170 Php
Jeepney Rental (Ternate to Marine Base, round trip) - 2,000 Php (good for 22 people)
Entrance Fee - 100 Php
Parking Fee - 50 Php (divided by number of people)
Cottage - 450 Php (divided by number of people)
Food - **.** Php

Update!!! (March 3, 2014)

from Ehrm.Bas (Thank you for giving me and my other readers an update! =])

Some were asking for contact numbers, or how you can make reservations.

The answer is they don't entertain reservations in the Ternate Marine Base, and they don't have a landline that they'll give away. However if you have a party of 20 or so people, you can make reservations by going to Marine Barracks Rudiardo Brown (Marine Base Manila) in Fort Bonifacio, Makati. Ask the MP guarding the gate where MC7 is. That is where you can make reservations (you have to pay there also), and they'll be the ones who will contact the personnel in Marine Barracks Gregorio Lim in Ternate.

And if anyone wants to ask the "is it still open to the public" question in year 2015 or 2016, just go to the Marine Barracks in The Fort described above and ask the personnel there.

Some were asking if they will still be allowed to enter the premises if they leave Manila at night.

The gate of Marine Barracks Gregorio Lim is only open from 5AM to 10PM, daily. The MP won't let you in outside those hours. Make sure you have a reliable vehicle if going there alone as there are no street lights in the road going up, and almost no settlements - though the road is very nice.

Additional information:

  • There are two stores, and one of them accepts cooking service, also from 5AM to 10PM, for a modest fee.
  • Signal on Smart is erratic, at best you'll get 2 bars of 3G signal, then sometimes you get dropped to GPRS or 2G.
  • Signal on Globe while on the beach front is awesome. I was consistently getting HSPA/HSPA+ signals while in there and encountered no problems uploading 3MB photos.


From Korea to the Philippines: Tous Les Jours


Korean craze is pushing to a new level! Aside from the Koreanovelas (Full House, Missing You, Endless Love), Korean bands and groups (KPOPs), photo poses (these are the poses in gwiyomi), dance craze (like gangnam style and gentleman), food and restaurants (kimchi, jampong, bonchon, KBOP) that is so popular in the Philippines, today, Korea has also started to bring-in in the country their Bake shop!

Tous Les Jours is an Asian-French bakery originated in Guri, Korea in 1997. They are known for freshly baked breads and delectable cakes that is made from the finest ingredients. Now, Tous Les Jours has established a bakery-cafe system in the U.S as well as in different parts of Asia like the Philippines. For those you doesn't know (this includes me), Tous Les Jous means "everyday" in French and it is pronounced as "Tu-le-juru". Knowing this, we can now invite our friends to visit Tous Les Jours by saying the actual name of the store instead of saying a "nearby bakeshop". Lol.

History of TLJ are part of the store interior
The cakes and products of Tous Les Jours reflects the creativity of the Koreans. Koreans is known for making ordinary things into a cute and fancy one. Inshort term, they are re-inventive. I don't mean to say that we, Filipinos, are less creative. It's just that in this category of being inventive, Koreans is a bit ahead of us. Ok going back... I can say that the main asset of this store are their cake designs. I adore how dainty and delightful their cakes look like. In addition to its amazing shapes and sizes, they also colored their cakes in a way that people will definitely want to eat them. It's really hard to explain this in plain words but the colors really add extra factor for making these cakes look special. From flower shaped cakes to their bear shaped cakes, it just goes to show that Tous Les Jours have expert and creative pastry artists who really knows how to delight customers. Just simply refer on the photos below to see what I am trying to explain here. (All photos are taken again using my smart phone. Please bare with the quality):

Heart Shaped Strawberry Cake - 598.00 PhP
Strawberry Inspiration - 598.00 PhP

Rich Chocolate Cake - 398.00 PhP and Cutie Bear 498.00 PhP
The french side of Tous Les Jours are can be seen in their baked breads. They have a huge variety of baguette, croissants, and croquette pastries. The aroma of these breads will charm you once you get inside Tous Les Jours.

I really want to taste each one of these pastries :P

The interior is also pleasing. They use perfect lighting to emphasize their products and also the whole store design itself. Most of its interior is in wood which set the right vibe for Tous Les Jours. Customer will definitely love not only the products they sell but also because of the aura of this place. It feels cozy inside and most importantly, it's clean.

Busy cashier equates to revenue :] 
Choose from these varieties!
What I also find bizzare about Tous Les Jours is that all their pricing ends with number "8" - like 398 Php, 598 Php,  68 Php so on and so forth. I don't know if it's just a coincident.

Chocolate Powder Cake - 448.00 PhP
To end this up... if you want to take a bite of this Korean Bakery, you can visit their branch at SM Mall of Asia in the ground level - Entertainment Mall.

Other branches of TLJ:
SM Fairview - Ground floor, Annex 2 Building
Glorietta - G4-129 Ground Floor Glorietta 4
Festival Mall
SM North Edsa
Alabang Town Center
Greenbelt - Ground Floor, Greenbelt 5
Eastwood City - 1st Floor Shop 3 Techno Plaza 2
SM Southmall

Ratings based on my experience [0-5, 5 is the highest] (MOA Branch) :
Taste: 4.5 - cakes are not too sweet. Just perfect!
Environment: 5 - clean and approved interior
Service:  4.5 - they allow me to take photos and they're friendly as well
Price: 4 - approve!

Sweet and Savory crepes of Crepes & Cream


My craving for crepes and ice cream started back when I was still in college. Melodica, a friend, was the one who introduced me to Crepes & Cream after our successful baby thesis defense in S.A.D (reminiscing those days makes me feel old. lol!). Ice cream in crepe has this balance of sweetness (the ice cream part) and blandness (every time I bite the crepe part) which makes it a great dessert and the main reason why I am fond of it. -- I'll be using again my smart phone for the photos of this entry... aw.

What I love about Crepes & Cream is that their goods are handy. I never worry whenever the store or the stand is full of customers because I can eat it even while walking around the mall. Let me share you my technique. Whenever Crepes & Cream is full, I always bring my ordered crepe in the food court. In the food court, there is a big chance that I can get a chair and enjoy my crepe ice cream while sitting and blogging (yes, I am drafting my blog now).

Aside from being handy, Crepes & Cream also offers a wide variety of flavors and choices. It is not only ice cream they put inside the crepe which is also called as Sweet Crepes. They also serve what they call Savory Crepes. Savory Crepes options are ham, hotdog, tuna, pork floss, shredded chicken, ground beef, etc... rolled inside the crepe . Yup, main course can also be serve in crepes. So if you are in a hurry and needed a quick meal, then you can also try Crepes & Cream (if there is a nearby branch).

Rocky Road with Chocnut toppings!
If you are still not satisfied on the wide range of goods that they offer in their menu, then why don't you try creating your own crepe recipe? Yes, that's right! Crepes & Cream allows us to create our own crepe recipe. For Sweet Crepes, just pick what flavor of ice cream you wanted to start off (where there are more than 10 flavors to choose from). Then add up your spreads (hazelnut, strawberry jelly, peanut butter, etc) and toppings (choco chips, almond flakes, fudge brownie, oreo crumble, chocnut chunks, cheesecake bites, etc... etc!). You can also add up an additional premium and/or sugar free ice cream to complete your crepe recipe. And as for the Savory Crepe, pick first from ham, hotdog, tuna, pork floss, shredded chicken, ground beef and more. Then decide your Veggies (mushroom, lettuce, onion, etc..) and Sauces (cheddar cheese, honey mustard sauce, taco sauce or mushroom sauce). Sound fun and delightful huh?

Choose and mix!
You can enjoy these crepes from 75 pesos up to 165 pesos. Price may exceed if you're an add-on and toppings maniac. Hehe. Fyi, milkshakes, sundaes, and beverages like sodas, teas and coffee are also being serve in Crepes & Cream.

MOA - in front of Bench Body store
So if you are urging for a crepe fix, whether it is a Sweet crepe or Savory crepe, then I suggest to give Crepes & Cream a shot!

Branches (this may change...):
SM City North EDSA | 2nd Flr
Robinsons Place - Manila | 1st Flr
Newport Mall
SM Mall of Asia | Main Mall and Entertainment Mall
Power Plant Mall | 1st Flr
The Podium
SM City Fairview
SM Megamall - Atrium | 3rd Flr
Trinoma | 4th Flr

Ready to go!
Ratings based on my experience [0-5, 5 is the highest] (MOA Branch) :
Taste: 3.9 - thumbs up! 
Environment: 3 - poor lighting and tables are not maintained clean
Service:  3 - this is because of my reason above
Price: 5 - I find it affordable