"Ihaw-Ihawan" at Larsian of Fuente Osmeña, Cebu


After our fun and tiring adventure in Cebu, we also need to charge up and eat up. So we visited the grilling haven of the city which is located at Fuente Osmeña , Capitol Site near Chong Hua Hopsiptal called the Larsian BBQ.

Larsian is a popular place in Cebu because of its grilled foods. Larsian can be compared to Banchetto of Manila however it serves mostly grilled/barbecued dishes. A variety that ranges from poultry meats down to seafood meats. I didn't google for photos about Larsian therefore I am really clueless of what does it looks like. So I was surprised to see that it was not a single restaurant but it was a big place comprise of many stalls but selling the same type of food. Yes, all the stalls in Larsian are selling the same type of food (well, that is just base on my observation) and this is by far the largest barbecue center that I have ever been.

Some of the things you can choose from =]

Our group felt like a movie star as we entered the place. Mob of barbecue vendors and stall owners welcomed and invited us to try their stalls. That is a normal scene every time a customer/group visits the place. So just feel the scene. They may scream at you but they're not mad at you, it is just their way to win over their competitors.

We were overwhelmed at first and barely couldn't decide where to dine because there are so many stalls to choose from and the food really do look fresh and delicious. So here's a tip, gather all the vendors and bargain with them. Yes, that's right. Ask them what they can offer to you as a freebie if you'll eat on their place. This technique is very effective if you're in a large group like ours because vendors will do anything to have you in their respective stall.

And the stall that win our hearts is stall number 21, the Alindasay. We actually got unlimited "sabaw" or soup  and 2 liters of sodas for free with that technique. The crew is even nice and gave us discounts to our orders despite the freebies they've already offered to the group.

This will be a good chorizo!
Foods of all the stalls are grilled in one area of Larsian. It is located at the center of the place and be visited by the customers to check out their order(s). The place is a pretty loud but you wouldn't mind it as the food is serve right in front of you. By the way, the only way to eat things here is using your hands or "naka-kamay" but you can still keep your hands clean by putting plastic gloves that will be distributed before you eat. Don't worry because it's free of charge. Tip: Alindasay have a delicious sauce that is a perfect match for their grilled foods. Ask a pitcher of it to put on your table. Enjoy eating!

The very interesting rice of Larsian called "puso"
Puso is a popular icon in Cebu like their lechon and dried mangoes. Puso is a steamed rice wrapped in a weaved coconut leaves. It is often seen in places like Larsian and street stalls of Cebu. Its construction makes it accessible to eat while walking or standing and also without the use of spoon, fork and plate. Convenient right?

Look at those saucy chorizo and chicken
Tasty "balunbalunan" and "isaw"
Pusit with veggies
We were all full and happy. Aside from the delicious food, our bill is reasonable and cheap. It was clearly a great experience and people should visit the place whenever they are in Cebu.

Meet the Larsian warriors
Breakdown of Expense: 
Total Bill - 1280 pesos (shared by 11 full person)

  • Isaw (chicken intestine) - 5 pesos
  • Liempo - 350 pesos (4 pieces, discounted)
  • Squid - 70 pesos
  • Chicken skin - 5 pesos
  • Pork barbecue - 
  • Puso (rice) - 3 pesos
  • Chorizo (my favorite) - 13 pesos
  • Balunbalunan (chicken gizzard) - 5 pesos
Now, Imagine our dinning table billed in thousand and having those cheap price tags!

After the war... hahaha

Ratings based on my experience [0-5, 5 is the highest] :
Taste: 5 - grilled foods here are really juicy and saucy!
Environment: 2 - people who are meticulous in place will not like dinning here
Service: 5 - happy crew and great service
Price: 5 - super reasonable indeed!

Side Trip at Sumilon Island of Oslob, Cebu


After our "whale shark watching" experience at the municipality of Oslob, we decided to visit or just have a sneak peek on a near island known as Sumilon Island. Note: This blog entry about Sumilon will not showcase resort experience since we did not avail or tried it out. We only land on the shore and just enjoy the heavenly land and the crystal-clear water of this gorgeous  island.

How to get there?
From the small town of Tan-awan where we had our butanding watching (click here how to get there), we rented a bangka to take us there for 2,300 pesos. Since we were 11 people in this trip it only cost me 210 pesos. The boat ride took 30 minutes to reach the island. As we land to the shore of Sumilon, we were asked to pay 10 pesos per head for the entrance fee. We did not avail resort accommodation because we only planned a day visit.

Surfer mode Baron and Aizel
The local tourists Rina, Anna and Aizel
Got ya! Lols
Whitening soap models (photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Sumilon Island is a paradise. I can still picture out its white, fine sand and also the lovely shades of blues of the beach. We were all stunned and amazed at the same time as we land on this beautiful island. I salute the people who preserves this place because it is really clean and well maintained.

Photoshoot the the center of this sand bar
All for one and one for all
At the tip of the sand bar

If there is a part of the island that I love the most, it will be the white sand bar that appears during low tide. I love this part of  Sumilon because people can really walk away (really far away) from the shore with a feet high water level but at the both side of this sand bar awaits a deep water level that I didn't tried to measure (amazing yet dangerous).

Feeling the waves and the air

Our group really enjoyed the view here and we went really crazy. Just look at the the photos below.

Crazy as hell (photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Timer plus burst mode (photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Yeah Baby! (photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Sumilon Island is also a perfect place for photography. I find this place as a perfect site to have some fun shoot with my friends. Here are some of my shot (kinda amateur though):

Paula doing her homework =]
Jing reminds me of  Samantha Potter in this shot

Anna taking anime to the next level

I hope you enjoy my side trip blog entry to Sumilon Island!

Breakdown of Expense:
Boat ride: 2,300 pesos (good for group contribution)
Entrance Fee: 10 pesos

Look at my "before" color under that short (photo from Byron Cantonjos)

Whale Shark (Butanding) Watching of Oslob, Cebu


If you are looking for something new and amusing during your stay at Cebu, then I suggest to drive to the southern part of it and swim with the whale sharks which is also known as "butanding". Oslob, Cebu is a 3 hours travel from the city and it's known for its whale shark adventure. Swimming with the whale sharks is just once in a life time experience so I couldn't miss this chance. Well of course along with my friends.

Look how beautiful it is

Whale sharks are drawn in a specific area by a "bangkero" or fisherman that feed the gentle giants with krill (small saltwater shrimps) in the morning and in the noon. So our group decided to have a 3am call time to reach Oslob by 6 in the morning. I suggest others to do the same. Why? Because apart from preventing yourself from the raging heat of the sun in the afternoon, the area also has a pleasing sunrise to cite.

How to get there?
From South Bus Terminal located along N. Bacalso Street, Cebu City, one can take a Sunrays or Ceres Bus going to Oslob. As you hop in, just tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Tan-awan Barangay Hall. The bus ride takes 2 1/2 - 3 hours going to Brgy. Tan-awan, Oslob and it will cost you 154.00 pesos if you take air-conditioned buses.

We're ready to experience Oslob's wonder!

We needed to pay 300 pesos per head to swim with the butanding and it will take 30-45 mins (actually depending on your guide hehe). The personnel who collected the fees told us that the money goes to the government and to the boatmen who will paddle us in the butanding area. One can also rent goggles and snorkel equipment at the price of 200 pesos per pax. We also paid additional 70 pesos as an entrance fee to the resort we stayed in.

Let's get it on!

We don't have an underwater camera but thank God... a local offers us one at the cost of 500 pesos if you have your own SD Card and an additional 50 pesos if you don't. I consider this as a great deal because I want to record and capture this very unforgettable moment. Since 10 of us will pay for it, it will not cost me that much -- perk for travelling in group. *wink

The students :]
The rules and guidelines

After paying all those fees, we headed to the briefing area to discuss the do's and don'ts for this whale shark interaction. Note: Do not apply any sun block (or any lotion) before and during the swim. This is not good for the whales because it might contaminate the water. The talk lasts for about less than 15 mins and after that, we headed straight on our "bangka" and the adventure with the butanding starts from that point!

I really like the design of the "bangka" here

When I first saw the whale sharks, I was really terrified and afraid that they might knock me out but I was wrong. They swim gently and I can say these giants are very friendly. :]

They may seem like sharks however they are the friendly version of it
They love to eat krill aka "alamang"

It was really fun swimming with them despite of the large waves and the saltiness of the water. Looking at the photos below, we are proud to say that it was all worthy.

Butanding up close shot of Julius
Butanding up close shot of Baron
My butanding up close shot (I did not touched it. Promise)
Butanding up close shot of Edward

But before we had that shots (above), look at the craziness (chaos) we went through. Hahahahaha

I can easily identify myself with that knee support on my left leg. =]

Seeing the whale sharks glide about a foot away from me was the most fascinating part of this adventure. This was indeed a remarkable experience for me which will remain in my memory forever.

The adventure seekers

Breakdown of Expense:
Transportation: 154 pesos (from South Terminal Bus - Brgy. Tan-awan)
Registration/Boat: 300 pesos (local tourist fee, changes for foreign tourist)
Mask and Snorkel: 200 pesos
Resort Entrance Fee: 70 pesos
Underwater Camera: 500 (without SD Card / good for sharing)
SD Card: additional 50 pesos

Swimming. It's more fun in the philippines!

Additional tip: Sumilon Island is nearby this area. It will be a good side trip for your Cebu exploration. Now you have an idea on my next post. ;]

Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel of Cebu City


Do you really want to test if you have Acrophobia or fear of heights? Then Cebu is the place to visit and try the Sky Experience Adventure that Crown Regency Hotel offers.

Be ready for a thrilling experience in the 37th floor of Cebu's tallest building - The Sky Walk Extreme. This heart pumping activity will let you (and your group) walk on the outer-rim of the building which let you see an amazing 360 degrees view of the city. Sounds cool huh?

I came at Cebu with my college buddies and our Sky Adventure starts as we reached Crown Regency Hotel. This building isn't hard to locate because of its height and its popularity. So as you arrive the city of Cebu, never hesitate to ask for directions just like what we did. =]

We were directed to go at the 19th floor of the building for the registration. Prepare 550 pesos (per head) for this activity. The front desk  will also ask for another 100 pesos (per group) which will serve as a deposit fee for the electronic watch -- this watch will serve as your ticket going in the activity ground, a techie thing. Don't worry the 100 pesos will be given back to you once you return the electronic watch at the end of your experience.

The adventure begins on this floor
After the registration, our group took an elevator going to the 37th floor of the hotel and we were given keys for our lockers. Note: All things should be put in the locker including your slippers, jewelries (including earrings) and gadgets (including cameras). Rubber shoes are allowed inside. If you don't have one, they can lend you except for the socks. You need to buy them for 20 pesos. We were also asked to wear an orange jumpsuit before we start the walk at the edge of this 418 feet high building.

Sitting on the edge of the 37th floor of Crown Regency Hotel
Thank you guys for doing the OK sign :]

Aside from the harness support, there is a guide that will lead and choreograph you and your group for the whole 360 degrees building walk. A photographer is also along with you to take photos since personal cameras are not allowed to bring  inside the activity ground which will be sold at the end of your activity. 

The thrill seekers
It was really fun and indeed a good bonding experience for our group. We successfully completed the walk on the country's first Skywalk Extreme and received a certificate as a proof. Yey!

I survived the Sky Walk Extreme! (photo from Paula Montano)
Breakdown of Expense:
Transportation - **.**
Registration Fee - 550 pesos
Socks - 20 pesos
1 photo (soft copy) - 100 pesos 
3 photos (soft copies with USB) -  350 pesos
1  photo (hard copy) - 150 pesos
This is me doing the "one foot at the edge" challenge
The Sky Adventure also offer Edge Coaster (roller coaster tour at the edge), Sky Lift (motorized zip line) and Cliff Hanger (wall climbing).  We only tried the Sky Walk Extreme because we have limited budget but we will definitely go back here to try it all and  that's a promise!