Mad Mark's of Kapitolyo: Man Sandwich and Frozen Desserts

I've heard a lot of stories (mostly foods and "hole in the wall" restaurants stories) about the street of Kapitolyo. Kapitolyo or Brgy. Kapitolyo in Pasig is now renowned as the food haven in Metro Manila in the blogging communities.

Binoy, an officemate of mine, whose been fascinated visiting different hole in wall restaurants and has been to the place several times invited us to a dinner out at Kapitolyo last week. We let him decide where to eat among the several interesting food spot there and we ended up eating in this sandwich and ice cream parlor -- Madmark's.

Binoy and D Man Sandwich
Jean the author of Metro Street Bites

Menu and the busy crew :] (camera phone)
Clue on what you should order (camera phone)
Madmark's is popular for their ice cream and sandwiches. When I said Madmark's sandwiches... I mean "MAN" sandwiches. Yup, they serve their sandwiches in humongous size. All of their sandwiches comes in two size, sandwich (which is the half size) and the man sandwich, with an exemption for their "D Man Sandwich".

Trivia: You'll know if a first timer visited the place because you'll hear them say "wow ang laki" and "half palang to?" as the sandwiches served on their table. Even me, I confess that I was amazed with its enormity too. :] Please refer on the photos below.

Half Lumberjack (195 pesos)
It doesn't look half right?

D Man Sandwich (360 pesos)
Meet the star of the night!

Now you have a clue why it is called D Man Sandwich (camera phone)

Aside from their man sandwiches, Madmark's is also known for their homemade ice creams which I find very heavenly. I don't know if it was only because I am a dessert eater but I really liked the Half Baked Madagascar that they serve. It's like a "cookies and cream" ice cream with a twist. This frozen dessert uses chunks of cookies which can be shewed in between scoop of this ice cream. Yum!

Frozen desserts (70 pesos per scoop and 110 pesos for 2 scoops)
They might look just the same but they're not. They are 4 different flavors (one of this cup have 2 scoops of different flavors)
Basket of Cajun Fries (120 pesos)
A must try! Fries lovers should order this one :]
Expense: 925.00 pesos for 4 pax (no service charge)
Location: 23 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila
Contact number: (02)3426802

I'm also with Ate Kath - Author of Pocket Wise Pinoy
It was a night full of fun and will definitely go back to Madmark's. I can't wait to try out other stuff on their menu. Rice meals and other sandwich options will be on my next list. :]

Ratings based on my experience [0-5, 5 is the highest] :
Taste: 5 - great taste in large servings 
Environment: 5 - minimalist interior design with good lightings
Service: 4 - friendly crew
Price: 4 - affordable to match their servings


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