Market Basket of River Park, Muntinlupa City


Just last week, I have been invited to a food and drink event for Bloggers at River Park. The so called River Park is the newest attraction and part of the initial upgrading and re-branding of Festival Supermall in Alabang, Muntinlupa City which began in 2013. One of the highlights of River Park is the natural river flowing on the area that enhanced by luscious green landscaping. The said expansion is also set to offer distinct dining concepts from cafe to casual dining options.

That's why I was not surprised why restaurant like Market Basket picked this place to establish their business. Imagine enjoying great food with nice ambiance. Perfect it is!

How to get there?
From Coastal Terminal, you can take a bus going to Alabang. Bus having a signboard of Starmall - Alabang and SM Southmall will passed through Festival Supermall. Just inform the bus conductor to drop you at Festival Mall. If you are from Taguig, there is a bus terminal in Market! Market! going to Alabang. Fare is about 40 pesos. Alight at Starmall, Alabang, take a jeep going to Festival Mall. The jeepney ride is about 5-10 minutes and costs 8 pesos. River Park is on the right side of the mall. From there, Market Basket is just easy to locate.

Market Basket from the outside

Market Basket is lead by Mr. Larry Cortez - whom a Serial Restaurateur, President & Co-Owner of Chefs' Quarter Group (which include Chefs’ Quarter Restaurant, Beurre Blanc Restaurant and Wine Bar, Old Vine Grille, Kuse Traditional Filipino Cuisine, Uncle Cheffy’s Brick Oven Global Cuisine, The Bellagio and more). With that notion, food being serve at Market Basket is guaranteed delicious and appetizing!

The concept of Market Basket is "paluto" as they call themselves a Modern-Day Dampa. When you say "Paluto", customer has the control on what kind of cooking or dressing should be done on his or her food. Market Basket illustrate it into four easy steps:
  1. Choose your Seafood (or Meat) - you'll be amaze on the varieties of seafood and meats available on their chalkboard. Plus! They are guaranteed fresh. 
  2. Weigh In - your choice of meat/seafood will be weigh in. This will give you an idea how much will you pay for your food. Well, it will be just an initial computation of your bill.
  3. Cooking Method - want your food to be steamed? Deep-fried? Grilled? Or maybe Boiled? Your choice.
  4. Choice of sauce - are you into spicy? sweet? or maybe you want to try the oriental sauce? 
Sounds great way to have your food trip? Well, it also tastes great! I guess I already talked too much. Now, just simply refer on the photos below of what they served to us during the bloggers' night. This might also give you an idea on what to order when you visit Market Basket yourself.

Entrée / Appetizers

Salad! Pure Vegie? or mixed it with fruits?
Stuffed Crab with vegetables side dish
Lechon Kawali Sisig (very recommendable) and Tuna Belly soup (forgot its name)

Main Course

Also forgot its name (my bad) but this is really, i mean really tastes great!
Pasta with meat strips and crab fat (left) and Lamp meat with Oriental Sauce (right)

Desserts (Yum!)

Best macaroon I've tasted  so far (I believe they used Nutella as its filling) and Sapin-Sapin (right photo)
Blueberry Cheese Cake and Nilupak Roulade (very pinoy! and my favorite)

Overall, it was a night of full of fun and foodgasm. That was definitely not my last time to dine in Market Basket. This restaurant  is really promising in terms of the next dining destination and will surely be a hit to food trippers. I recommend you all to visit them and experience Dampa or "paluto" in a modern-day way!

Market Basket
Unit C3 River Park Festival Supermall
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
For inquiries, call: (02) 845 10 73

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Silangan Gardens: Pinto Art Museum of Antipolo, Rizal


Though I don't have a talent for arts, I can say, I do have a huge interest and appreciation for it. I've been eagerly wanting to visit an art museum located in Antipolo City after hearing raving reviews about the place from the blog community and friends. The museum is named as Pinto Art Museum (PAM). However, due to my piled up personal commitments, plans of going there has always been put aside and on-hold. But last weekend, as the sun settled high on the blue skies, I decided to bring my girlfriend and set the site of Pinto Art Museum to be the venue of our post-Valentines date. And I must say that it was definitely a right move.

How to get there?
From Araneta - Cubao [MRT], take an FX ride having a signboard of Antipolo located in the side of Araneta Center. Then just inform the FX driver to drop you off at the "kanto" of Ynares. It is a 40-minute ride and costs 50 pesos per head. As you reach the "kanto" of Ynares, take a tricycle going to Grand Heights (a subdivision where Pinto Art Museum is situated). Let know your driver that you are heading to Pinto Art Museum and they'll take you there in no time. The museum has been a popular destination on the area that most of the local drivers of Antipolo knew the museum very well. Tricycle ride is 40 pesos (one-way - it is not per head but per ride) and will only take 5-7 minutes.

Pinto Art Museum is a space in Antipolo City that houses present day arts worked by different local artists. If you're wondering where does its name comes from, well, "pinto" is a Tagalog word for door as this place is open for all types of contemporary art form.

Entrance of Pinto Art Museum
Going back to my visit, as I set my feet on the entrance of Pinto Art Museum and looked at it from the outside, I would never have thought that the other side of their small door is a 1.2 hectare property which cages over 300 art pieces, installations and sculptures. The simplicity of their entrance is far way beyond of what's inside.

As we went inside Pinto Art Museum, we were greeted by Mr. Andy Orencio which is the resident gardener slash one of the contributor of the museum. Yup, he's one of the brilliant artist whose paintings are displayed in this place. After the warm welcome, he directed us to the registration area and paid 150 pesos each for the entrance fee. He then gave us 2 pieces of papers which is a map. After some chitchat with Mr. Orencio, our exploration to Pinto Art Museum began.

Shot outside Pinto Cafe
I love shooting her on frames
Me and my girlfriend were actually jumping because of our excitement as we tour the place. Take note, we were still near the entrance yet we can't stop to fall in love with each other with the place. Aside from the massive collection of paintings and sculptures, Pinto Art Museum is also a huge garden with lots of art pieces placed perfectly around it. I was blown away with the ambiance and the architectural structure of PAM. Every detail of this place were well thought -- the white museum wings, the antique doors and windows, the chapel, its pond, even the rooftops... I mean all of them!

Chapel inside Pinto Art Museum
One of the beautiful hallway
Even the roof top has art pieces and sets
More rooftop shot
Writing this blog post and putting into words my experienced on Pinto Art Museum is really challenging on my part. I am running out of words to describe how beautiful and impressive the place is and most specially the art pieces displayed and hanged on the walls of this museum. I really recommend that you visit Pinto Art Museum and see its elegance for yourself.

Isn't it amazing? :)
"Duminicum Eskulentum" by Emmanuel Garibay
One of the wire art pieces of that room
Typical scene in the street
This is really amazing in-person
Mother Nature
"We are here together forever until the world will be verge of sorrow" by Constantino Zicarelli
"Katapusan" by Jerson Samson
Although I have seen Pinto Art Museum on different blog niches, seeing it in personal still makes me go WOW. It is a haven for photography. Every corner of this place is shutter click worthy.

Small figurines in the garden
With the beauty this place holds, I was not surprised when I saw couples doing their shoots for prenup in the garden of PAM. Of course we didn't yielded with those couples and did our own version of prenup. Self timer mode, run, then pose... whuuwalah! Instant "pacute" shots!

She read... I don't
Lets go Baby ko!
I smell love in this shot
Where should we eat po? 
It took us 9 frames to get this shot
Test Shot at the entrance of PAM
Lets get inside?
Bedtime story...
We also know how to have some fun!
Crazy, not Stupid and super Inlove!
Paintings are located into different wings. Each wing is interesting and has an entertaining room. Every room in Pinto Art Museum never failed to amaze me. The "Usapang Babae room, the "Forest Room", the downward hallway with impressive paintings on the its side, the "Panalo (swim, bike, run)” painting, the room that holds a colossal 480-inch long x 144-inch wide mural entitled “Karnabal” and more!

"Panalo (swim, bike, run)”
Biggest mural i saw! 
See how big it is?
Natural light hitting her beautifully
Creepiest room I've been to in my 24 years of existence!!!

By the way, there is also a cafe inside Pinto Art Museum. It is located right after Museum 2. Its a bit pricey so I suggest to packed your own food as you visit the museum.

Their menu is named, "Siraulo". I was curious about its name because it means crazy mind in Tagalog so I asked the attendant why their menu is named like that. She answered me that its name was given by Dr. Joven Cuanang, a neurologist slash gallery owner. Dr. Cuanang believes that intense people or crazy minded people have the most artistic mind. Having said that by a highly-accomplished neurologist, well I guess I am an artist myself. Lol! Or am I an exception and just plainly crazy! Haha

Feels like home...
Pinto Cafe from the outside
We stayed at Pinto Art Museum for more than 3 hours and I didn't feel bored during our stay. With the energy I have that day, I wish this place is a 4 or 5 hectares property because I wanted to see more. More paintings and art pieces from our local artists. It actually makes me proud to see all the works in this place were made by my fellow Kababayan. I salute every artist who put and shared their talents and build this site! I can say that museum hopping is fun in Antipolo, Rizal! Hopefully more site like this will be established in the Philippines.

Do I look bored here?

Breakdown of Expenses:
MRT (Taft/Edsa Station to Cubao/Araneta Station) - 14 pesos
FX ride (Araneta Center to "kanto" of Ynares) - 50 pesos
Tricycle ride ("kanto" of Ynares to Pinto Art Museum) - 40 pesos (not per pax but per ride)
Entrance Fee (Adult) - 150 pesos  [Senior Citizen – 120 pesos | Student – 75 pesos]

Pinto Art Museum
1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights,
Antipolo City, Philippines

Museum Hours
Tuesdays - Sundays | 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

A visit at Missy Bon Bon Breadshop of Cagayan de Oro


During our last few days in Cagayan de Oro (CDO), the group started to seek on "Pasalubong" centers for our friends and families back in Manila. We visited the Monster Kitchen and the famous VjANDEP stores which are both located in Cagayan de Oro to buy unique items and foods that are especially made in CDO and other parts of Mindanao. But just when we thought that our "pasalubong" shopping spree were done and having an empty stomachs, we came across to this store with an interesting interiors and appealing menu. The store is named, Missy Bon Bon Breadshop.

I used the words appealing and interesting on describing this bread shop, simply because they used colors such as yellow, blue and brown on their interiors which is really eye-catching. Plus, not to mention their cute logo and the graphics/doodles drawn on their walls.

How to get there?
Just visit their store at LimKet Kai Center, Rosario Drive. LimKet Kai Center is a known shopping mall in Cagayan de Oro. Missy Bon Bon is located in the ground floor and the store opens as early as 7:00 am and closes at 10:30 pm. They also have a branch in Robinson CDO and Gaisano CDO. 

As we enter at Missy Bon Bon Breadshop, my eyes went wide and wild with the breads displayed on their entrance. They all looked so good and mouth watering! They were freshly baked and fluffy as I touched and pressed some of the displayed breads. Sorry, I just can't help pressing them. Lols. All of their breads were presented and packed in a presentable way. Maybe that's one of the reason why they have lots of patrons and now becoming the talk of the town in terms of food destination.

Just simply look at it... 
I want to taste them all!!!
Their menu is not only limited to breads and pastries. They serve foods on all type of meals of the day as they also offer rice meals, salads and pastas. Oh! I also forgot to mention that Missy Bon Bon also sells gelatos and milkshakes. See! They are not only ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner... but also for snacks and desserts!

Missy Bon Bon's menu
Their Gelatos!
I also noticed that they have a wide range of customers. I saw a group of young ladies eating here, a couple with laptops and lots of papers beside them (I guess they're working), shoppers of LimKet Kai, and travelers (which includes us). The place is cozy and well ventilated. Aside from that, Missy Bon Bon of Limket Kai Center also have a great lighting and because of that I find the place photogenic specially their glass walls wherein you can see the view outside of this store. It gives you a homey feeling and stress free vibe while eating. A perfect place to have a business lunch out, catch up dinner with friends and even a date with a special someone.

Team EdPau waiting for their orders
Amazing interiors! The 2 people on the left were really working hard.
Karen, are you taking photo of your food? or Bona?
Our group couldn't decide what to eat at first because of their wide varieties and all seems to taste delicious. In the end, none of us have the same order... Yup, we all have different orders. Some of us did tried their rice meals, some ordered pastas, and some tried their cakes and pancakes.

Carbonara (150 pesos)
Three Cheese Pasta (155 pesos)
Gladys and her Yema Pancake de Cagayan. (165 pesos)
Bangus Fritter (125 pesos)
Here's what I've ordered - Wild Honey Bacon. But instead of bread, I exchange it for a rice. (150 pesos)
Verdict. Rice meals and pastas were served hot, cakes in cool temperature and all of them were served presentably and taste really really great! Good job guys! We only have one problem with one of our ordered drink but it has been resolved quickly. 

Some of Missy Bon Bon's best sellers are Gelatos, Ensaymadas and their own version of Pastel. If you come to visit Cagayan de Oro, I recommend that you drop by at Missy Bon Bon Breadshop. It's up to you whether you'll visit them on early of the day or late at night as like I said their menu can serve any type of meal of the day.

Missy Bon Bon's version of Pastel
Ratings based on my experience [0-5, 5 is the highest] :
Taste: 5 - its looks is as great of what it tastes like
Environment: 5 - i just adore the doodle decorated around the place
Service: 4 - organized and they response well to our needs
Price: 3 - just fine

Missy Bon Bon Breadshop
LKKS Address: Rosario Drive, LimKet Kai Mall, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro
Robinsons Address: Level 1, Robinsons Place, Cagayan de Oro
Gaisano Address: Ground Flr., Gaisano Mall, Cagayan de Oro