Experience Anawangin Cove of Zambales


Zambales has a lot of beautiful islands and coves... and Anawangin Cove is one of them. Despite of being turned as an almost commercialize site, Anawangin is still recommendable for those who wanted to go out of town and have an amazing nature trip.

Big waves were hitting our boat
How to get there?
Take the victory bus either in Cubao or Caloocan  and tell the bus conductor to drop you off at San Antonio. Travel time is 4-5 hours so don't forget to bring your music gears just in case you get bored during the travel. From there take a tricycle to Pundaquit and the jump off point going to Anawangin (15 pesos per head) and then look for boat that will bring to the cove. Be very picky in this part. Get a boatman that will cost you less. The standard rate for a boat that could ride 4-5 person is around 1,800 pesos (back and forth plus island hop on Capones island)

Enjoying the water
The boat ride trip to the island take 15-20 mins. You will be amazed by the view in this boat ride. You'll pass through  lots of rock formations and deserted islands which will make your shutter button crazy if you have camera with you.

As you hop in the island, you can breathe in the freshest air, experience a crystal clear water and see lots of pine trees in the area. Yes, there are pine trees which is a good niche to take pictures on aside from the beach side.

Anna, a friend of mine enjoying the sun (photo from Gladys Dizon)
There is no hotel in the island. If you are planning to stay overnight you can bring your tent or just rent it from there. With regards to food, I suggest to bring your own. There is a market in San Antonio. Buy your food there instead in the island itself. Reason why is, the food in the island cost big time and stores there are unpredictable if they will be open or not on the day of your visit. Bathrooms/restrooms are available in the island. Just don't expect much but it is decent enough.

Souvenir shops and tent rentals are available in the island
My batchmates in Adamson University
Just plain happiness
There are bunch of beautiful spots in the island. So don't just sit while you are there. Move and explore the whole island. If you're not sure where to go. Talk to locals and ask for some tips and suggestions.

A small body of water behind the campsite
View in the other side of the cove
Trek uphill to see Anawangin Cove in Bird's eye view
Anawangin is a fascinating place so just relax and enjoy while you are there.

Breakdown of Budget:
Bus Fare (MNL - San Antonio, roundtrip) - 530 pesos
Tricycle (going to Pundaquit, roundtrip) - 60 pesos
Boat Rental (to Anawangin Cove, good for 5-8 pax) - 1,500 pesos (includes island hopping)
Overnight Fee - 100 pesos
Food - ***
Tent - ***

Me and Pepay back in 2010, still friends back then. I didn't know we had a photo like this. Good thing I browsed Gladys FB album of this Anawangin trip. Please don't be mad Baby ko 'coz I posted this (photo from Gladys Dizon).

Explore Potipot Island of Zambales


Looking for a great place to spend your vacation leave or spare time? Do you want to try something different like staying overnight in an island? Then I suggest you visit Potipot Island. Potipot is a small island that is located in Uacon Candelaria, Zambales. It is so small that you can explore the whole island in an hour or less but what makes this island special is its crystal clear water, its cream-white fine sand and above all, the view that this place has to offer.

See how clear the water is?
How to get there?
From Manila, take the Victory Liner Bus in Caloocan or Cubao. Your bus should be routing to Sta Cruz-Iba, Zambales. It will take 5-6 hours of travel and a number of stop over before you reach your destination. By the way, tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Brgy Uacon (Wacon), Candelaria or you can just tell him/her Dawal. As you reach Uacon/Dawal, you will see lots of beach resorts you can choose from. Aside from the room, these resorts offer boat services to bring you to Potipot Island. We chose not to get any accommodations from any of those resorts because we want to spent the night in the island. Instead we make an arrangement to a local bankero. Boat ride ranges from 400 pesos to 600 pesos (roundtrip) so you need to use your bidding skills here if you want to save money from this trip.

Be aware of sign boards 
My friend Tracy and the Potipot Island
Local  Bankero that will bring us in the island
Reaching the island, you need to pay again. 100 pesos/per head will allow you to enjoy the island for the whole day or spend 300 pesos/per head if you're planning an overnight stay. I strongly suggest you stay in the island for you to witness the beautiful and breathtaking sunset and sunrise scenery in Potipot.

Playing with our silhouettes
Just a little drama
Potipot is a private owned property but don't expect a flamboyant utilities/amenities. There are no restaurant nor 5 star hotel rooms (even 2 star hotel rooms isn't available) in the island so should bring your own food. It is still an adventure so don't expect much. The only grandiose in this trip is the view that Potipot Island possess. There are picnic tables and cottages that you can rent, and restrooms are also available. Again, don't expect much of them. We bought our own tent in this trip but we chose to sleep in the sand. A long story to tell... Hehe. And before I forgot, there is a grilling spot in the island. You can grill and cook your food there.

Grilled liempo for lunch
For those photography enthusiast, there are lots of great spots in the island that you can include in your portfolio so never waste your time sitting in one place. I suggest you take a 360 degrees tour in the island to appreciate more its beauty.

Inception in camera (photo from Tracy Gonzales)
Waiting for our go signal. Hehe
Know the schedule of buses going to Manila. Buses here are not operating 24 hours. So always know the first and last trip of buses.

Potipot Island experience will always remain in my memory
Budget Breakdown
Bus Fare (MNL - Dawal, roundtrip) - 840 pesos
Boat (Good for 5-6 pax) - 400 pesos
Tricycle (Dawal - Victory Liner Teeminal) - 45 pesos/head
Overnight Fee - 300 pesos/head
Tent - ***
Food - ***

Mt Manalmon of Madlum, San Miguel, Bulacan


I heard a lot of stories regarding Mt Manalmon and other exciting stuff that you can do in this place. Aside from trekking/hiking, the place also offers outdoor activities such as spelunking (caving), rock climbing, swimming and crossing a monkey bridge made out of two cable wires. So as soon as my friends invited me I said yes right away even it was just a day hike.

How to get there?
The mountain is located in the town of San Miguel, Bulacan. So if you're trying to visit Mt. Manalmon and you're from Manila, take any Cabanatuan-bound bus at Baliwag Transit,  ES Transport, or Five Star Transport in Pasay or Cubao. Then just tell the bus conductor to drop you at Brgy. Camias. The travel time from Manila to San Miguel, Bulacan is around 2 hours. A long travel time but it will be all worth it as soon as you reach Mt. Manalmon. From Brgy. Camias, you still need to ride a tricycle going to Brgy. Madlum. Prepare 5 pesos because along the way you will need it as a registration fee. As you reach Brgy Madlum, you need to decide whether you want to raft across the river (5 pesos also) or you want to try the monkey bridge (free) to reach the jump off point of Mt. Manalmon. We chose to raft since we have our carry on things and we don't want to get it wet if you we make a mistake passing through that cable wires (but we tried it on after the hike). As you get to the jump off, another registration should be taken and it is worth 5 pesos again.

One of the two ways to reach the jump off 
And here's the other one

Background of the place
Mt Manalmon's peak reaches at 196 MASL (based on Pinoy Mountaineer's specs). A minor climb that you can trek in 2-3 hours (back and forth and including picture taking). By the way, even though it is treated as a minor climb and the trek is just short, people who wanted to explore the mountain are mandatory to have a guide. Kuya Bong, our guide, explains to us why and it is because there is a myth that lies to this mountain. You can ask you're guide about it.

Trekking to the summit will start from passing through Madlum cave (other called it Manalmon Cave). Bats are the main attraction here so prepare your headlights to see them. You will also pass through a river so be ready to get your feet  wet. (sometimes, knee high). Then the rest of the trek will be the normal hiking trails. When I say normal trails, it doesn't mean that the view as you go up is normal as well.

My friend Julius as he put back his shoes after we passed through the river
more water trails ahead
At the peak, we take some rest and feel the cool breeze while we are under the trees while having conversation with Kuya Bong. Of course, picture taking will never be missed while on top.

View from Mt Manalmon peak
That's me from the view deck of Mt Manalmon
Other Activities
Mt Manalmon is a great destination if you want to have an extreme sidetrip after a hike. Yes, extreme trip after another. After the hike and reach again the jump off, we asked Kuya Bong to bring us at Bayukbuk Cave. Note: If  you are claustrophobic (fear of having no escape and being closed in small spaces), think twice in trying this out.

This photo reminds me of the movie 127 Hours (photo from Khai Bautista)

In my opinion, going inside this cave is more challenging and tiring rather than going to the peak of Mt. Manalmon. Bayukbuk Cave will make you crawl, duck [a lot], constrict and get dirt on. You will also encounter rappelling inside this cave. If you are thrill seeker then try this out. It took us 45 mins to explore Bayukbuk Cave. Light is your buddy while inside the cave, so don't forget to bring your headlights in this trip. Wearing head protectors are also advisable.

We also tried crossing the river using the famous activity in Mt Manalmon, the monkey bridge style. Crossing through that cable wires isn't easy. As you go and reach the middle part, the wires begin to shake so make sure to maintain your balance. It is also ideal to use gloves because gripping firmly the wires could hurt you.

That's us waiting for our turn in the monkey bridge
Me and Superman, I mean Baron crossing the monkey bridge
We also gone swimming at Madlum River which is really nice because it is really deep (didn't tried reaching its floor) and wide. It was also refreshing after all those activities we've gone through.

The fearless boys of Brgy Madlum

It was indeed a successful climb/spelunking... or better yet it was a great full packed adventure for us.

We're proud to say that we conquered Mt Manalmon... ahmmm rather Brgy. Madlum 
Breakdown of budget (October 2012):
Bus - P117.00 (Manila to San Miguel, Bulacan)
Tricycle - P250 (Brg. Camias to Sitio Madlum) good for 5 pax
Raft - P5.00 per head (optional)
1st Registration - P5.00 per head
2nd Registration at Sitio Madlum - P5.00 per head
Guide to Mt. Manalmon/Bayukbuk - P300.00 - P500.00 (will be shared by the whole team)

Before I end this blog entry here is my favorite shot of myself during this trek:

That's me and our guide, Kuya Bong (photo from Khai Bautista)

18th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta


The long wait is over! The Philippines Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is back again in Clark, Pampanga on its 18th year. This year's event is entitled "A Weekend of Everything that Flies" and the dates are all set. The fiesta will be held on February 21-24, 2013. Ticket price is P250.

What is the best day to go? The event's website wrote: "Every day is exciting for everyone. All the aerial activities happen every day so it doesn't matter which day you go." But if you'll going to ask me, I would suggest go for the Saturday or Sunday show. Why?
First reason is, the Breitling Jet Team will participate in the fiesta's air show to show-off their acrobatic jet moves with the exception on February 22, 2013 - Friday. So why do you need to see this team fly? The Breitling Jet Team is the largest civilian aerobatic display team in Europe. Based in Dijon, France, the team displays across Europe and the Middle East and each year undertakes a busy schedule of engagements, including major international air shows and Breitling corporate events. That's why.

Night Glow preparation last 2011 Fiesta
Second, there will be a NIGHT GLOW activity that will only be hold on the Saturday and Sunday schedule. This is when the balloons stay on the ground but will inflate beautifully together in the evening. -- And from that statement, it is a must-see part of the fiesta.

Event Attractions w/ some tips from the organizers:

Ballooning - Don't have the $200 contribution needed for a balloon ride? There's usually a tethered balloon on the grounds so you and your family can experience going up in a balloon without having to worry about where to land! Lines may be long, chase crew not included.

Just a portion of flying kites you'll see in the fiesta
Kite Flying - Kites are available for purchase at the Fiesta grounds. Feel free to get a kite for yourself and support our local craftsmen at the same time. They come in all shapes and sizes and are proudly Philippine- made. It's not unusual to see hundreds of kites flying at the same time at the Fiesta.

Aircraft Precision Competitions - This event calls for crowd participation -- someone has got to release the party balloons upwards! Wait for our announcer Buddy Lopa to send out the call for volunteers. Bring sun block!

witness gliders in action
Gliders - Rolf flies during the hottest part of the day, so prepare your cover ups.

Ultralights - Check out the ACFC booth for details on the club, the ultra lights, and the members! You may even get an ultra light ride out of the deal!

Rescue Demonstrations - The Coast Guard rescue team needs volunteers to be "rescued" during their demos! This generally involves being winched into a helicopter, so only volunteer if you enjoy heights!

Others - Paragliding, Skydiving, Aeromodelling [RC planes and helicopters]

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where is the exact location of the fiesta?
A:  In the Omni Aviation Complex, inside Clark Special Economic Zone in Pampanga

Q: How to get there?
A: From the North Luzon Expressway, exit through Dau Exit (83A), turn left at MacArthur Highway, turn right at the Manuel A. Roxas Ave. passing the Bayanihan Park, and go straight ahead passing the Clark Main Gate. CFZ is difficult to miss should you decide to visit using public transport. From any northbound bus lines, get off the Dau-Mabalacat Bus Terminal, proceed to the MacArthur Highway, and take a Checkpoint –Dau PUJ, straight for the Clark Main Gate.

Q: How much will it cost me to get inside the event/fiesta?
A: There will be a 250 php entrance fee for this event and it allows you to stay inside the site the whole day. Additional tip: tickets will be available at the fiesta's gate or you can visit at any SM Ticketnet outlet, at ROX Bonifacio Global City, or at ROX Marquee Mall Clark to avail tickets.

Q: Am I assured that I got to see the balloons flying [Thurs-Fri]?
A: Yes. However the organizers have the rights to cancel an activity due to bad weather condition. It is for the safeness of everyone. Additional tip: Balloons start flying at around 6:30am. Therefore, 1 hour time allowance is advice to get in the main entrance so you can avoid the crowd and see the morning balloon flights.

Q: Can I bring food inside?
A: Yes. Also, food stands/booths are available inside.

I also suggest bringing sun protection/gears like sun block, hats and umbrellas. Some of the event will be conducted in the late morning/afternoon so you are also expected to be laying under the sun. Sunglasses are also advisable since you will be staring in the sky. This will help you see clearly up in the sky while the sun is up and also serves as your protection for your eyes.

Event Schedule (This schedule of activities may change without prior notice)

21 February 2013 - First Fiesta Day
06:20-06:30 AM Philippine Flag jump
06:30-08:00 AM Hot Air Balloon flight
07:30-08:00 AM RP / Malaysian / Spain / Australia Paragliding Exhibition
08:00-08:30 AM Meynard Halili€ Aerobatic Show
08:30-09:00 AM Breitling Jet Team Aerobatic Exhibition
09:00-09:15 AM Radio-controlled model aircraft demonstration
09:15-09:45 AM PT13 Stearman
09:45-10:30 AM PNP Sky Diving Exhibition
10:30-11:30 AM AOPA-P Light aircraft balloon bursting competition
11:30-12:00 PM Breitling Jet Team Aerobatic Exhibition
12:00-12:30 PM German aerobatic glider flight
12:30-01:00 PM KAP / KTP Kite Flying Exhibition
01:00-01:45 PM Airlink / WCC / Omni / Airlink / Alpha flyby
01:45-02:30 PM AOPA-P Light aircraft balloon bursting competition
02:30-02:45 PM FEATI/PHILSCA Rocketry/RC Demonstration
02:45-03:15 PM Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft Demo
03:15-04:00 PM ACFC Ultralight / Microlight Aircraft Formation Flights and Flour Bombing
04:00-04:30 PM RP /U.S./ Malaysian / Spain/Australia Paragliding exhibition
04:30-05:00 PM Skydiving and Tandem jumping Exhibition
05:00-05:30 PM Meynard Halili Aerobatic Show
05:30-06:00 PM Hot Air Balloon Fly-In, RC Nightflyers

22 February 2013 - Second Fiesta Day
06:20-06:30 AM Philippine Flag jump
06:30-08:00 AM Hot Air Balloon Flights
07:30-08:00 AM RP / Malaysian / Spain / Australia Paragliding Exhibition
08:00-08:30 AM Meynard Halili Aerobatic Show
08:30-08:45 AM PT13 Stearman
08:45-09:30 AM Sky diving exhibition
09:30-10:30 AM AOPA- P Light Aircraft Balloon Bursting Competition
10:30-11:00 AM ACFC Ultralight/Microlight Aircraft Formation Flights and Flour Bombing
11:00-11:15 AM FEATI / PHILSCA Rocketry /RC Demonstration
11:15-11:45 AM Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft Demonstration
11:45-12:15 PM Para-Gliding Tow Exhibition
12:15-12:30 PM KAP / KTP Kite flying exhibition
12:30-01:15 PM WCC / Omni / Airlink / Alpha / Leading Edge flyby
01:15-01:45 PM German aerobatic glider flight
01:45-02:15 PM Car Drifting Display
02:15-02:45 PM Radio-controlled Jet Turbine Model Aircraft Demonstration
02:45-03:15 PM ACFC Ultralight/Microlight Aircraft Formation Flights
03:15-03:45 PM AOPA- P Light Aircraft Balloon Bursting Competition
03:45-04:15 PM Sky diving exhibition
04:15-04:45 PM Meynard Halili Aerobatic Show
04:45-05:15 PM RP / Malaysian / Spain/Australia Paragliding/Towing Exhibition
05:30-06:00 PM Hot Air Balloon Fly-In, RC Nightflyers

23 February 2013 - Third Fiesta Day
06:20-06:30 AM Philippine Flag jump
06:30-08:00 AM Hot Air Balloon Flights
07:30-08:00 AM RP / Malaysian / Spain/Australia Paragliding Exhibition
08:00-08:30 AM Meynard Halili Aerobatic Show
08:30-09:00 AM Breitling Jet Team Aerobatic Exhibition
09:00-09:45 AM AOPA-P Light aircraft balloon bursting competition
09:45-10:30 AM Tandem Sky diving exhibition
10:30-11:00 AM ACFC Ultralight/Microlight aircraft formation flights and flour bombing
11:00-11:30 AM Turbine RC flying display
11:30-12:00 PM Helicopter flight display
12:00-12:30 PM Philippine Coast Guard Rescue Demonstration
12:30-01:00 PM PT13 Stearman /  AOPA-P Flyby
01:00-01:30 PM WCC / Omni / PPA / CIA / Orient / Airlink flyby
01:30-02:00 PM Winch-launched German aerobatic glider flight
02:00-02:30 PM KAP / KTP Kite Flying Demonstration
02:30-03:00 PM Paragliding Tow Exhibition
03:00-03:30 PM Radio-controlled Jet Turbine Model Aircraft Demonstration
03:30-04:00 PM ACFC Ultralight / Microlight aircraft formation flights
04:00-04:30 PM Meynard Halili Aerobatic Show
04:30-05:00 PM Skydiving Exhibition
05:00-05:30 PM RP/Malaysian/Spain/ Australia Paragliding Exhibition
05:30-06:00 PM Hot Air Balloon Night Glow, RC Nightflyers

24 February 2013 - Fourth Fiesta Day
06:20-06:30 AM Philippine Flag jump
06:30-08:00 AM Hot Air Balloon Flight
07:30-08:00 AM RP / Malaysian / Spain/ Australia Paragliding Exhibition
08:00-08:30 AM Meynard Halili / Aerobatic Show
08:30-09:00 AM Breitling Jet Team Aerobatic Exhibition
09:00-09:45 AM Wings Over Asia / AOPA – P Light Aircraft Balloon Bursting Competition
09:45-10:30 AM Tandem Skydiving Exhibition
10:30-11:00 AM Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft Demonstration
11:00-11:30 AM ACFC Ultralight / Microlight aircraft formation flights and flour bombing
11:30-12:00 PM Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Demo
12:00-12:30 PM Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft Demonstration
12:30-1:00 PM German aerobatic glider flight
01:00-01:30 PM Car Drifting demonstration
01:30-02:00 PM PT13/ WCC / Airlink / Omni / Leading Edge/ Airlink flyby
02:00-02:30 PM KAP / KTP Flying Exhibition
02:30-02:45 PM FEATI/PHILSCA Rocketry/RC Demonstration
02:45-03:15 PM ACFC Ultralight / Microlight aircraft formation flights
03:15-03:30 PM PT13 Stearman fly by
03:30-04:00 PM Sky diving exhibition
04:00-04:30 PM Meynard Halili aerobatic Show
04:30-05:30 PM RP / Malaysian / Spain/Australian Paragliding Exhibition
05:30-06:00 PM Hot Air Balloon Night Glow, RC Nightflyers, Fireworks

Mt Timbak and Mt Tabayoc of Benguet


My first hike this 2013 is not the usual climb that I do because I hiked the 3rd and the 2nd highest mountain in Luzon, which are Mt Timbak and Mt Tabayoc. Both mountains are located in Benguet so expect a cold and freezing trek ahead.

The right clothes
A friend of mine invited me to join Baroc - a mountaineering group, as they will climb the said mountains. So I packed all my mountaineering gears and most importantly my anti cold equipment. I suggest you bring jacket [of course], sweatshirts, gloves [which I forgot to bring], thick socks [have an extra], and If you're planning to stay in a tent at night have a sleeping bag as well. This will prevent you from chilling and have a stress free sleep :]

How to get there?
The travel time from Manila to Baguio is 6 hours, and I might say it is enough to gasp some sleep. And as we land to Baguio, additional 2 hours were needed to reach KM 55 - the jump off of Mt. Timbak. Don't worry, the additional 2 hours will not bore you because the scenic during the travel is breath taking and can be compared to other places that we see in postcards.

A signage with "Welcome to Mummy Caves of Timbac" denotes that you are already in Mt Timbak's jump off. Trail starts with a steep paved road and take note of this: in every fork you'll meet, always take on the left until you reach the elementary school.

That is my friend Edward (photo from Byron Cantonjos)
(photo from Bry Ocampo)
I find Mt Timbak as a large farm full of vegetables planted on it - from potatoes to carrots to cabbage, etc... etc. Until you reach its peak you will see vegetation. So trekkers are informed to walk lightly and don't step on the ground with vegetable plots. These vegetables give colors to the mountain and somehow makes Mt Timbak different from other mountains that I already climbed. The way they plant vegetables here are similar to terraces. So there are carrot terraces, cabbage terraces and potato terraces here. Hehehe

That's me, the third person from the top (photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Another thing that I love about this climb is even though we started the hike late in the morning and have been exposed to the sun during the afternoon, the cool and fresh breeze were still present which kept us in sweatshirts and jackets the whole trek. It was almost a "no sweat trekked" at all. :]

At the peak of Mt Timbak, a mini calvary lies. Along with it is an amazing view of the Benguet proper which amazed and stunned the whole team. We took some time at the peak for photo opp before we trek back down again.

(photo from Bry Ocampo)
Our next stop is Mt Tabayoc. Other called it Tabeyoc but I prefer Tabayoc because Tabeyoc seems like a conyo word to me. Hahahaha After my experience with the 3rd highest mountain in Luzon, I will now traverse the 2nd highest mountain.

The team rented 2 elf trucks to bring us from the elementary school down to Lake Tabeo. Lake Tabeo will serve as our campsite and a jump off area for our Mt Tabayoc hike on day 2. The travel was too long and really exhausting due to rocky road [as in a very rocky road]. I lost tracked how long it was but the view going there never fail to entertain us. It is also a good opportunity to bond with your friends.

(photo from Byron Cantonjos)
(photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Baron, Julius, Edward and Me (photo from Byron Cantonjos)
It was dark when we reach Tabeo Lake and the fog is getting thicker and thicker. So as soon as we reached the campsite, we immediately assembled our tent, cleaned up ourselves and things, cooked and prepared our dinner, and hide under our sleeping bags [with sweatshirt and jacket underneath and socks on] and went to sleep.

We woke up at 4:30am and started our hike to Mt Tabayoc at around 5:30am. It was still dark and the air/fog really makes everyone chill. Gloves is really essential in this kind of trek. It wasn't enough to just cover your body and feet. Trust me.

Hiking this mountain reminds me of the movies Predator 1 and Avatar. Mt Tabayoc's trail is covered with trees, trees, trees and trees [plants, mosses and ferns are also present]. Of all the mountains I hiked before, Mt Tabayoc is the thickest rainforest I have penetrated. Bonsai are all over the place and berries [not sure what exactly they are] are also scattered in the trail.

(photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Beware, Mt Tabayoc is considered to be a major climb. Meaning, the difficulty to trek it is no joke and needs additional caution traversing it. I don't want people reading my blog to be afraid traversing Mt Tabayoc but let me share you the accident that happened to me during our trek.

(photo from Bry Ocampo)
As we approached to the view deck [45 mins left and you'll reached the summit], I had my left knee dislocated. What happened was, the next step of mine is pretty high and i have to slightly turn my body to the right in order to go up to the next platform. Unfortunately, as I twist my body and legs to my right in full force, my left foot got stuck on a branch which result to make my patella bone to almost come out of my skin. It was too painful that I couldn't walk anymore and my teammates had to call mountain rangers to rescue me. We reached the view deck but I wished we have also reach the summit however others didn't push through because of what happened to me. We all had to go back down while assisting me. And as they help me with the pain, my left knee suddenly popped and when I checked it, it returned to its normal form again. Still we didn't continue.

Again, the reason why I wrote my story is not to make people be afraid to hike mountains, instead I wrote this as a precaution to those who want to try this activity. Hiking is an extreme physical activity and we should not take it lightly. We're there to enjoy it but we should not put our guards down and negligent on our actions. 

My rescue operation . Thank you Baroc. (photo from Byron Cantonjos)
After the incident, my love for hiking doesn't change a bit. Accidents can happen to anyone in an unexpected time and place. I guess it wasn't my luck that day. I am so thank you that I was in good hands when it happened to me. I would like to thank Baroc Mountaineers for helping me and the patience you give during that time. That incident only makes me stronger and be more careful the next time. Yes, there will be next time. I'll come back again to Mt. Tabayoc and promise to reach its summit.

From the view deck (photo from Byron Cantonjos)
So going back, as we reach again the campsite and gave me the aid. I feel incredibly fine (thank God). We took our early lunch and had a photo op at Tabeo Lake.

At least I tried :]  (photo from Byron Cantonjos)
(photo from Bry Ocampo)
My favorite shots of mine that day:

(photo from Byron Cantonjos)
After the photo opp. The team go back again to Baguio. We reach Burnham Park at 8:30pm. Took our dinner at Beggang Restaurant [try they're combo meal D -- the one with the spareribs on]. Afterwards, bought some pasalubong at the near shop. Then head back to Manila at 9:30pm and landed at 3:30am. 

Budget for this tour
The whole tour/hike costs me 1,800 php. It was organized by Baroc mountaineers and it comprised of Bus rental [Manila to Baguio and vice versa], Elf rental [Mt Timbac summit to Tabeo Lake campsite / Tabeo Lake Campsite to Baguio], and tour guides [both Mt Tabayoc and Mt Timbac].