Experience Anawangin Cove of Zambales

Zambales has a lot of beautiful islands and coves... and Anawangin Cove is one of them. Despite of being turned as an almost commercialize site, Anawangin is still recommendable for those who wanted to go out of town and have an amazing nature trip.

Big waves were hitting our boat
How to get there?
Take the victory bus either in Cubao or Caloocan  and tell the bus conductor to drop you off at San Antonio. Travel time is 4-5 hours so don't forget to bring your music gears just in case you get bored during the travel. From there take a tricycle to Pundaquit and the jump off point going to Anawangin (15 pesos per head) and then look for boat that will bring to the cove. Be very picky in this part. Get a boatman that will cost you less. The standard rate for a boat that could ride 4-5 person is around 1,800 pesos (back and forth plus island hop on Capones island)

Enjoying the water
The boat ride trip to the island take 15-20 mins. You will be amazed by the view in this boat ride. You'll pass through  lots of rock formations and deserted islands which will make your shutter button crazy if you have camera with you.

As you hop in the island, you can breathe in the freshest air, experience a crystal clear water and see lots of pine trees in the area. Yes, there are pine trees which is a good niche to take pictures on aside from the beach side.

Anna, a friend of mine enjoying the sun (photo from Gladys Dizon)
There is no hotel in the island. If you are planning to stay overnight you can bring your tent or just rent it from there. With regards to food, I suggest to bring your own. There is a market in San Antonio. Buy your food there instead in the island itself. Reason why is, the food in the island cost big time and stores there are unpredictable if they will be open or not on the day of your visit. Bathrooms/restrooms are available in the island. Just don't expect much but it is decent enough.

Souvenir shops and tent rentals are available in the island
My batchmates in Adamson University
Just plain happiness
There are bunch of beautiful spots in the island. So don't just sit while you are there. Move and explore the whole island. If you're not sure where to go. Talk to locals and ask for some tips and suggestions.

A small body of water behind the campsite
View in the other side of the cove
Trek uphill to see Anawangin Cove in Bird's eye view
Anawangin is a fascinating place so just relax and enjoy while you are there.

Breakdown of Budget:
Bus Fare (MNL - San Antonio, roundtrip) - 530 pesos
Tricycle (going to Pundaquit, roundtrip) - 60 pesos
Boat Rental (to Anawangin Cove, good for 5-8 pax) - 1,500 pesos (includes island hopping)
Overnight Fee - 100 pesos
Food - ***
Tent - ***

Me and Pepay back in 2010, still friends back then. I didn't know we had a photo like this. Good thing I browsed Gladys FB album of this Anawangin trip. Please don't be mad Baby ko 'coz I posted this (photo from Gladys Dizon).


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