Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls of Tanay, Rizal

Looking for a place to spend your weekend? If you want a taste of nature but hate long travel time then I believe this one suits you. Why don't you try to visit Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls. Two huge and enticing falls in one place. Sounds amazing right?

Daranak and Batlag falls are both located in Tanay, Rizal and it is a park facilitated by the local authorities/government. It is just a few minutes away from the city proper so expect many people coming in this place to experience and see its beauty.

Tricycle ride at the city proper

How to get there?
You can take vans (GT Express vans) either in Starmall (Edsa cor Shaw Blvd) or in Araneta Center (Cubao). It costs around 70-90 pesos and travelling going to Tanay is about 2-2.5 hours. You'll pass through Antipolo City Hall, a memorial park and finally, Tanay Market. As you reach Tanay market, hire a tricycle that will take you to Daranak/Batlag Falls. 150 pesos is the regular fare for this trip (maximum of 4 pax). You can bargain with the driver to save up. Take note: There are no tricycle waiting near the falls going back to Tanay Market so I suggest to bargain the return trip also. Else, you will be trekking back to the main road and up the market with your foot.

Daranak falls is open from 8am - 5pm everyday with an entrance fee of 20 pesos for adults and 15 pesos for children. Picnic table is optional but if you want to rent you need to shed 100 pesos for it. If you're planning to spent night at Daranak, it is not possible. Daranak falls isn't offering overnights. However, Batlag Falls is. You can stay overnights there which costs 150 pesos for adults and 75 pesos for children. If you visit during the day you will be paying 50 pesos for adults and 25 pesos for children. Picnic shed and cottage in Batlag falls ranges from 250 to 350 pesos.

Byron and Eteng with Daranak falls as their background
Eteng is the star of this trip. I, myself need to have a shot with her :]
Little Miss Philippines 1987.546 Hahahaha
Batlag falls is at the top of Daranak falls. You don't need any ride to reach Batlag falls simply because it is just a few steps away. So enjoy the view as you go there.

The feeling macho and the real macho hahaha

A little trek going to Batlag Falls
Greeting as you reach Batlag Falls
Swimming in Daranak falls is better than in Batlag falls because Daranak falls is bigger. However, it is more crowded in Daranak falls. So if you want to swim freely and away from the crowd, going to the deep areas of the falls will be the solution. The deeper it is the less people you interact on that area. However Photo op wise, my vote goes to Batlag falls since it is less crowded there. You can take the whole frame alone without anyone bombing your shot.

Familiar with the place? This has been a shooting place for Enteng Kabisote Movies - the Encantasia

Note: Bathrooms and shower rooms are available so don't worry changing up your wet clothes.

Breakdown of Budget
Van (Araneta to Tanay, roundtrip) 160 pesos
Tricycle (going to Daranak) - 150 pesos (good for 4 pax)
Entrance Fee (Daranak) - Adult-20 pesos Children-15 pesos
Picnic Table/Shed (Daranak) -100
Entrance Fee (Batlag) - Adult-50 pesos Children-25 pesos
Entrance Fee (Batlag, overnight) Adult-150 pesos Children-75 pesos
Picnic Shed (Batlag) -350
Cottage (Batlag) - 250
Food - ***


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