Traversing Mt Batulao of Nasugbu, Batangas

My first climb on this mountain was back then in college and that experience was fun and a hell of a climb. So when my girlfriend asked me if we can climb it again along with her officemates, I definitely said yes.

Mt Batulao is located in Nasugbu, Batangas and one of the most popular mountain to Manilanian hikers because aside from its appealing landscape, going here is very accessible. There are 2 trails that you can choose from to reach its peak - the "New trail" and the "Old trail". There is only one peak so both of the trail will lead you to the same point. It is just you have the will to choose how would you like to reach its top and explore the mountain. By the way, the photos in this entry were taken during our hike at the New trail of Mt Batulao.

How to get there?
Take a bus at Edsa - Taft terminal going to Nasugbu, Batangas. This bus terminal is located behind Mcdo, Chowking and Sogo Hotel in Edsa - Pasay Rotonda. Tell the bus conductor to drop you at Evercrest Golf Course which will cost you 114.00 pesos. As you reach Evercrest Golf Course, you can either ride a tricycle (P100, 4-5 pax) or go on foot going to the jump off of Mt Batulao.

Beginning of our trek
Having a guide is optional. If you're brave enough and will just rely the directions based on the people you encounter during the trek then it is fine. Else, you can get a child/children to lead you to the peak. These children knew the mountain very well [its their playground] so you don't need to worry on their sense of directions. Aside from that, getting them as your guide will help them earn money that they can save for their educational purposes. 300 pesos is the minumum fare for having a guide and it will take 3-4 hours for you to reach the summit of Mt Batulao.

Trail is getting harder as it turns into mud
Hot and humid is the best way to describe the weather in Batulao and because of that, trail is prone to muddiness during the wet season of the year (May - October). I suggest to climb Mt Batulao during summer because trails are solid and it will be much easier rather than a muddy trail during rainy season. Trust me because we had our climb during the wet season and it was really tough dodging the mud part trail. It was also slippery so extra caution was needed. However, hot or humid you will still feel some cool breeze during your trek here because it is situated near Tagaytay.

Camaraderie shows in every hiking adventure
Huts with purpose are scattered along the trail. These huts sell halo-halo (P25), mountain dew and fresh buko juice (P20). Have these while resting and charging your energy.

Time to charge up
For registration, it is located at camp 1 for the Old trail and camp 7 or 8 for the New trail. Ready your 25 pesos per head as registration fee.

Sample marker that you will find along the trail
There are signs all over Mt Batulao that help you locate where you at and how far or close you are on the peak. Sign boards with writings "Peak 1-10" are your guidelines. Peak 1 denotes the beginning of your trek and Peak 10 denotes that you already reach the summit. Peak 7 and 8 are ideal campsite if you're planning to stay overnight. You can do socials/games during the night there because the platform on that area is wide.

The Feleo brothers. If only I have one...
Wearing sleeves will prevent your arms from itching due to these tall grasses
Campsite at Peak 8
The view in the morning at Mt Batulao is undeniably stunning. You'll go crazy clicking your camera and composing your shot. So, wake up early for you not to miss this moment.

View from our campsite
I find this shot interesting. I don't know why
Need some hug Baby? :]
Pointing at??? hmmmm
Playing around at the summit of Mt Batulao
I'm just a proud boyfriend. Good job Baby ko
2 hours of trek is enough for you to reach again the jump off.  In front of Evercrest Golf Course there are karinderias that you can choose from to have your lunch. Ask them also where can you take a bath. Many houses there offers shower which costs 20 pesos per head - soap and shampoo not included of course. You can wait buses going to Manila in front of the Evercrest Golf Course.

My favorite shot of this adventure
Breakdown of Budget:
Bus (Manila - Batangas, roundtrip) - 228.00
Tricycle (Evercrest Golf Course - Jump off, roundtrip; Optional) - 200.00 (4-5 pax)
Guide - 300.00
Buko juice - 20.00
Halo Halo - 25.00
Registration Fee - 25.00
Food: ***


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