The Bike Room of Catimar, Pasay


It has already been 3 months since the last time I went out of Manila and travel. Reason why is because I venture into a new hobby/sport which is kind of money-draining. I am now hook to biking... MTB to be exact. Well, it is my father who has been pushing me for quite some time now to try this activity as he himself is into this hobby (even at his age of 60). So I give in and gave it a try. Then one day, I find myself not travelling anymore because I am always out of money upgrading/purchasing bike parts and stuff.

So why am I telling this? As for this blog post, I am going to feature a shop for those who wanted to build their dream bikes. I want to help my readers who also wanted to try this activity. I think it is somehow relevant to the purpose of this blog... discovering places in PH (this time, helping folks who are bike enthusiasts). The name of the shop where I bought my built bike is "The Bike Room" in Cartimar, Pasay City.

Cartimar is a popular place if you're looking for class A and authentic shoes, clothing and pets (like dogs, cats, fishes, etc). But now it is also becoming a known place for cyclist and bike enthusiasts as bike shops starting to establish along the area. "The Bike Room" is one of those many bike shops in Cartimar and it is located at 2190 Leveriza St., Pasay City. What makes this shop differ from the other shop is, they only sell authentic bike and bike parts. So you'll not going to worry spending tons of your well-earned money guessing whether you're buying authentic items or not.

Another reason why I chose to feature this shop is because I owe this shop a lot. Why? How? Well, this is where I found my dream bike frame. Hahahaha. Yeah, I am assembling my dream bike during my visit coz I'm not fond of buying a whole bike. I want a customized one and frame is the most important part for me because it will state the whole look of my bike. That day, I've been looking to all of the bike shops in Cartimar finding the right frame for me and I found that frame at the Bike Room. I bought here my Merida Matts TFS XC 800 (Matted Version) frame for 13,000 PhP. I know it is quite expensive just for a frame but please don't judge me. Its original dre and it fits me well!

Here's my Merida Bike Frame I bought at the Bike Room
The area of Bike Room is a bit small but it is full of bike stuff so don't give up on looking for the item you're searching for as I found my frame still inside a sealed box. Also, the store is well ventilated with air-conditioner so you'll find it in no sweat! Most of the items here are in their fixed price but I still suggest that you ask the store owner for its last price. And I wish you a big goodluck on that part... coz she didn't gave me a discount despite my total purchase. Aw. But there's no hurt on trying. Who knows... she might give-in to your asking price.

Moreover, here's a quick tour at The Bike Room:

I saw a lot of top brand helmets on this shop
If you know what you want... just directly ask the store owner :)
They also sell biking outfits
For mountain bikers...
and for road bikers
Planning to build your dream bike?
Outside view of the shop
That's it! This will be the end point of my blog feature for The Bike Room. I suggest to visit the place for yourself if you're interested as well on bike stuff. Guaranteed, you'll find a whole lot of interesting and authentic items in this store.

Visit them now!
The Bike Room
2190 Leveriza St., Cartimar, Pasay City
For inquiries: (02) 551 2453 / (02) 551 6228 / 09178989021
If you come by, please tell the owner that you find the shop because of this blog. Please? Thank you!!