Explore Potipot Island of Zambales

Looking for a great place to spend your vacation leave or spare time? Do you want to try something different like staying overnight in an island? Then I suggest you visit Potipot Island. Potipot is a small island that is located in Uacon Candelaria, Zambales. It is so small that you can explore the whole island in an hour or less but what makes this island special is its crystal clear water, its cream-white fine sand and above all, the view that this place has to offer.

See how clear the water is?
How to get there?
From Manila, take the Victory Liner Bus in Caloocan or Cubao. Your bus should be routing to Sta Cruz-Iba, Zambales. It will take 5-6 hours of travel and a number of stop over before you reach your destination. By the way, tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Brgy Uacon (Wacon), Candelaria or you can just tell him/her Dawal. As you reach Uacon/Dawal, you will see lots of beach resorts you can choose from. Aside from the room, these resorts offer boat services to bring you to Potipot Island. We chose not to get any accommodations from any of those resorts because we want to spent the night in the island. Instead we make an arrangement to a local bankero. Boat ride ranges from 400 pesos to 600 pesos (roundtrip) so you need to use your bidding skills here if you want to save money from this trip.

Be aware of sign boards 
My friend Tracy and the Potipot Island
Local  Bankero that will bring us in the island
Reaching the island, you need to pay again. 100 pesos/per head will allow you to enjoy the island for the whole day or spend 300 pesos/per head if you're planning an overnight stay. I strongly suggest you stay in the island for you to witness the beautiful and breathtaking sunset and sunrise scenery in Potipot.

Playing with our silhouettes
Just a little drama
Potipot is a private owned property but don't expect a flamboyant utilities/amenities. There are no restaurant nor 5 star hotel rooms (even 2 star hotel rooms isn't available) in the island so should bring your own food. It is still an adventure so don't expect much. The only grandiose in this trip is the view that Potipot Island possess. There are picnic tables and cottages that you can rent, and restrooms are also available. Again, don't expect much of them. We bought our own tent in this trip but we chose to sleep in the sand. A long story to tell... Hehe. And before I forgot, there is a grilling spot in the island. You can grill and cook your food there.

Grilled liempo for lunch
For those photography enthusiast, there are lots of great spots in the island that you can include in your portfolio so never waste your time sitting in one place. I suggest you take a 360 degrees tour in the island to appreciate more its beauty.

Inception in camera (photo from Tracy Gonzales)
Waiting for our go signal. Hehe
Know the schedule of buses going to Manila. Buses here are not operating 24 hours. So always know the first and last trip of buses.

Potipot Island experience will always remain in my memory
Budget Breakdown
Bus Fare (MNL - Dawal, roundtrip) - 840 pesos
Boat (Good for 5-6 pax) - 400 pesos
Tricycle (Dawal - Victory Liner Teeminal) - 45 pesos/head
Overnight Fee - 300 pesos/head
Tent - ***
Food - ***


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