Side Trip at Sumilon Island of Oslob, Cebu

After our "whale shark watching" experience at the municipality of Oslob, we decided to visit or just have a sneak peek on a near island known as Sumilon Island. Note: This blog entry about Sumilon will not showcase resort experience since we did not avail or tried it out. We only land on the shore and just enjoy the heavenly land and the crystal-clear water of this gorgeous  island.

How to get there?
From the small town of Tan-awan where we had our butanding watching (click here how to get there), we rented a bangka to take us there for 2,300 pesos. Since we were 11 people in this trip it only cost me 210 pesos. The boat ride took 30 minutes to reach the island. As we land to the shore of Sumilon, we were asked to pay 10 pesos per head for the entrance fee. We did not avail resort accommodation because we only planned a day visit.

Surfer mode Baron and Aizel
The local tourists Rina, Anna and Aizel
Got ya! Lols
Whitening soap models (photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Sumilon Island is a paradise. I can still picture out its white, fine sand and also the lovely shades of blues of the beach. We were all stunned and amazed at the same time as we land on this beautiful island. I salute the people who preserves this place because it is really clean and well maintained.

Photoshoot the the center of this sand bar
All for one and one for all
At the tip of the sand bar

If there is a part of the island that I love the most, it will be the white sand bar that appears during low tide. I love this part of  Sumilon because people can really walk away (really far away) from the shore with a feet high water level but at the both side of this sand bar awaits a deep water level that I didn't tried to measure (amazing yet dangerous).

Feeling the waves and the air

Our group really enjoyed the view here and we went really crazy. Just look at the the photos below.

Crazy as hell (photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Timer plus burst mode (photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Yeah Baby! (photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Sumilon Island is also a perfect place for photography. I find this place as a perfect site to have some fun shoot with my friends. Here are some of my shot (kinda amateur though):

Paula doing her homework =]
Jing reminds me of  Samantha Potter in this shot

Anna taking anime to the next level

I hope you enjoy my side trip blog entry to Sumilon Island!

Breakdown of Expense:
Boat ride: 2,300 pesos (good for group contribution)
Entrance Fee: 10 pesos

Look at my "before" color under that short (photo from Byron Cantonjos)


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