Tous les Jours | Waffles & Loyalty Card Launching

Tous Les Jours (pronounced as "Tu-Le-Juru") has already established its name in Metro Manila since the day it started. A sign of this are the store branches that are popping out all around the Metro. ManileƱos are now learning about the freshness of Tous les Jours products and just yesterday, I have been a part of another Tous Les Jours milestone as they opened their 12th store located in SM Jazz Mall, Makati.

How to get there?
Take a MRT ride going to Buendia station. From Buendia, look for the Shell station. On the opposite road, there is a jeepney stop for Ayala-bound jeepneys. Take a jeepney ride. Fare is 8 pesos. Just tell the jeepney driver to drop you at SM Jazz or Mapua Makati. They will not going to drop you at the exact location of SM Jazz but it is just a matter of few steps from SM Jazz. Tous Les Jours is located on the 1st floor and in front of the parking lot.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony
The event started with the usual ribbon-cutting ceremony initiated by TLJ President Andrea Amado with Ms. Daiana Menezes (who's so beautiful by the way). After the ribbon-cutting, every invited guest were welcomed to come inside the store. My first impression as I entered this TLJ branch was it's much bigger compared to some of their branch. Aside from the counters and display area of pastries and cakes, Tous Les Jours of SM Jazz also have dining tables, dinning chairs and couches. But the great things are, they preserve the vibes as well as the architectural colors which were also characterized among their other branches.

They welcomed us to come inside TLJ SM Jazz Mall
Couldn't stop myself from taking photos of her

After some meet and greet, and introductions, they also announced 2 more things to be celebrated aside from the 12th store opening. One is the kick off of waffles that will be serve on all TLJ branches and second is the launching of Tous Les Jours's loyalty membership card called "Patisserie Connoisseur".

I think TLJ Jazz can accommodate around 30-40 dine-in customers (photo from TLJ's FB Fan Page)
Same design like their other branches in the metro

Yes, you read it right! Tous Les Jours will start serving us waffles. I am one of the lucky guest to be the first one to taste those waffles (FOR FREE!). Tous Les Jours's waffles comes in 4 different variants: Belgian Waffle, Blueberry Waffle, Strawberry Waffle, and Chocolate Waffle (my favorite among 4). From the time they announced that the waffles were ready to serve, I immediately get one of each kind. I was curious how do these waffles different among the other brands. Verdict, it was sugary crunchy on the outside but as I dig in my teeth into its core, it became softer and started to taste the filling. It was interesting in a good way. Also, I actually find them flavorful. It was tasted according to their labels with an average sweetness -- not bland and not too strong. They valued at 48 pesos each.

Can't tell what just by looking at them... Tasting them is the key
It has sugary crunch outside. Yum!
Good thing my plate wasn't full yet when this was shot (photo from TLJ's FB Page)
Other than the free waffles, free pastries and cakes were also served to the guests! I wished I didn't took meal before I went there. I haven't got to taste everything because I am still full. Shame. But I've got to list some of the products that really caught my taste bud. They will definitely be on my basket the next time I visited Tous Les Jours.

Eye candy muffins! 
Even though they have price tags that day, it was free for us! Hehe
Another list of free taste that day. Yup, cakes were included.
It's really hard to focus with all those cakes in front of me (photo from TLJ's FB Page)
The second announcement is the launching of their membership card called "Patisserie Connoisseur". It can be purchased on any TLJ branch which costs 100 pesos. There's also another way to get this membership card. For every 500 pesos in single receipt food purchase, this entitles you for a FREE Patisserie Connoisseur membership card.. Lucky me, they gave us a free membership card from yesterday's event. Card owners will get 2% discount on every 100 pesos and above worth of products purchase. It may sound a little but saving is still a saving. Not only that, this is also a rebate card wherein on every transaction made on this card, points will be earned which can be used on purchasing TLJ products in the future. Not bad huh? They said that the launching of the membership card is one way of TLJ to say thank you to their dear customers.

One of the tokens they gave us -- "Patisserie Connoisseur"
That's not all, Chef Peter, master baker in Tous Les Jours, done some cake demo for everyone. He did a demonstration on how to make/decorate a rose inspired cake that is being sold in TLJ stores. I think he's practicing witchcraft and sorcery... he did the cake decoration in no time and like it was just a game. #Justkidding. Daiana Menezes also done some part of the cake demo which I find very adorable.

He works like magic!

At the end of the event, everybody was happy and (of course) full as we left Tours Les Jours SM Jazz.

Visit them! Tous Les Jours SM Jazz Mall
109-A Jazz Residences
Jupiter Street, Corner Nicanor Garcia Street
Bel-Air, Makati City

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