Devil's Throat Walkway - Iguazu Falls

Brazil Travel Guide - Visiting Natural Wonders - Iguazu Falls
An international campaign to identify the world's Seven Natural Wonders has begun, with places of natural importance from each continent being ranked by voters around the world.

With such attention on some of South America's most spectacular sights, we thought we'd give a Latin America For Less guide to visiting each place that is in contention for the title of South America's most important Natural Wonder.

As the ratings currently stand, the mighty Iguazu Falls are in second place as the most significant natural wonder on the continent.

The falls straddle the border between Argentina and Brazil and are an enormously impressive sight. Almost 1.7 miles wide, Iguazu is actually made up of numerous sets of individual falls, the largest of which is known as the Devil's Throat, on the border itself.

The story goes that when Eleanor Roosevelt first laid eyes on the falls, all she could exclaim was, "poor Niagra!"

Because of the falls' location on the border between the two countries, they have become a popular destination for both Argentina and Brazil vacations.

Visiting Iguazu

One of the most popular Brazil tours that include Iguazu begins in the buzzing, iconic city of Rio de Janeiro before taking an internal flight to the Iguazu National Park.

On the Brazil side, most Iguazu hotels are concentrated between the town of Iguazu and the falls themselves. There are a good range of accommodations, including top-end choices such as the Mabus Thermas & Resort and Rafain Palace, as well as the budget-friendly Rafain Centro and Best Western Falls Galli Hotel - all of which are recommended by Brazil For Less.

Once travelers are settled in at their hotel, the entire afternoon can be spent exploring the falls. Walkways lead through the river canyon through a tropical rainforest that is rich with life. As you approach the falls, the thundering roar grows louder until you reach the waterfall system itself, hundreds of minor falls that gradually lead up to Iguazu's centerpiece: the Devil's Throat.

On the second day, most Iguazu tours visit the Argentine side of the falls, with an opportunity of taking a train ride right up to the Devil's Throat falls for some breathtaking photo opportunities. There are also several walkways around the falls, each of which offers a different perspective.

Other Attractions

Once you've taken in the magnificence of the falls, there are plenty of other activities in the area, especially wildlife watching in the surrounding forest. The trees are alive with a huge number of bird species, and the Macuco Trail is a particularly well-known bird watching route.

Boating on the river with the falls as a spectacular backdrop is another popular activity. It's even possible to take your "Iguazu Baptism" - a journey behind the falls themselves for a truly thrilling experience as millions of gallons of water thunders before your eyes.

Finally, not far from Iguazu is the Triple Frontier, the place where the Brazilian, Argentine and Paraguayan borders meet, which is marked by a monument from each nation to recognize their shared history.


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