Isdaan Floating Restaurant of Calauan, Laguna

A place that took the definition of restaurant to a whole new level. A floating restaurant that take customers into a different world. That's how I define Isdaan Floating Restaurant of Calauan, Laguna. Though Isdaan Floating Restaurant is a Thailand inspired place, with all those larger than life statues of Buddhas, little monks and mermaids, they still managed to incorporate a touch of Filipino culture through their food. Yup, they serve appetizing Filipino food here. By the way, another site of Isdaan is located in the northern part of Luzon - Gerona, Tarlac. They have the same vibe so it will be just a matter of how close you are on these two sites in terms of deciding on which branch you're going to pick and visit.

How to get there?
Take a bus located at Buendia LRT Station with a signage of "Sta. Cruz", Laguna. It is approximately 2-hour drive away from Manila.Going to Isdaan is easy. The place is just along the highway and it's hard to miss because of the towering statues of Mermaid Buddhas located in the entrance/parking area of Isdaan Floating Restaurant.. But just to be sure, inform the bus conductor to drop you at Isdaan. Fare is 85 pesos.

Entrance to Isdaan Floating Restaurant
Yup, this is their parking area
Isdaan is owned and operated by the Barrio Fiesta group of restaurants. Therefore, never doubt the taste of the food being served here. And so I decided that this blog entry will be more on the side of travelling rather than a food blog...

As we reach Isdaan Floating Restaurant, my initial reaction was astounded. I can't help myself as my eyes went wide because of amusement on the beauty of this restaurant. I have already saw this place in the internet and photos but still, I was blown away of its architectural design as well as how artistic this place was built and constructed. Kudos to the owner!

We're still in the Philippines :]
Actually, me and my girlfriend felt like we were foreign tourists in land of Thailand during our stay in Isdaan. Mermaid Buddhas were everywhere in Isdaan and they're more than life-sized statues. In addition to this are the bamboo pathways and cottages which adds flavor and makes Isdaan more to be like ancient Thailand.

This place is remarkable
Happy couple! Cheers!
We were then directed to our cottage. We've given a small but cute nipa hut that can accommodate up to 4 persons but since we were only 2 on this trip it was more than enough for us. Then the waiter hand over us their menu... a long list of menu. It was as long as 3 sheets of long bond paper and it is written back to back containing their list of foods. We had a hard time picking what food to eat because there were a bunch to choose from. I also noticed that their target clients are family and groupies because their servings come in bundles or in kilos.

Heading to our cottage... It looks like the one in the background
Sinigang na Hipon and Iced tea with Gumamela flower on the side
We ordered 1 kilo of Sinigang na Hipon (Sugpo, actually), 1/2 kilo of Inihaw na Tilapia, 1 kaldero of kanin (good for 2-3 persons), and 1 pitcher of iced tea. Imagine how full we are after we ate all of it. *laugh

They serve the rice here along with the "kaldero"
After that blockbuster lunch, we started to explore the whole vicinity of Isdaan Floating Restaurant. It is pretty big and has a total land area of 56.6 square kilometers. We were blessed because it was a shady afternoon when we visited Isdaan. The weather is just fine for taking photos, not too sunny neither dark.

Very detailed...
One of the highlight of this place is the entrance as you come inside the place. You will be walking in between tall statues. This give visitors a feel like they're not in the Philippines anymore. Under your feet is a pond because you are also walking above a bamboo trail since this is a floating restaurant. The whole place is a large fish pond. One can do fishing in which they can ask the staff of Isdaan to cook their catches.

It is still expanding so we can expect more on this place in the following years
Aside from the very South East Asian vibe of the place, it has an impressive Fiesta atmosphere which is very Filipino in a sense. There are bands that serenade each nipa hut, performers and actors that performs acrobatic stunts and other extra ordinary talents. It is a happy place. Everyone will definitely have a good time when they visit Isdaan Floating Restaurant.

Bring the whole family...
... Also the one you love.
Isdaan didn't forget the interest of the kids. Bikes and trolleys for children are available which can be rented. They also installed statues of cartoon characters, animals and other personalities that will surely loved by kids and kids alike (like me and my girlfriend). These include angry birds, Batman, Pres. Barack and a lot more.

Wazzup Kiddo?!
Slave by your love Baby ko! Lol 
Aside from the photo above, simply refer on the photos below to see how playful and crazy we are in this trip. We're like children in this themed park/restaurant.

May this love be blessed... 
Evolution of man.. 

What are you looking at bro?
I'm happy when she's happy (but I envy that lil monk!)
Just having a good time!
Just like the water... I wish time freezes when I'm with her (baduy ko na!)
Cheated by your boyfriend/girlfriend? Have you been a victim of rubbery? Stressed out with your bosses? Discovered a dark secret? Been fooled by a scam? If your answer is yes then there is a place for you in Isdaan that can lessen your anger and stress. There's a famous wall in Isdaan that is called Tacsiyapo. It is an open area and at the end point lies a wall with written words. Words that refer to someone we found annoying in one's life. The key here is to buy a ceramic cup, plates, wall clocks and even a working television at the station then throw or smash them into the wall while targeting the words you are angry with. An ideal place for people who are walking timebombs. Time to release all those pains and anger! Price of items that you can throw into the wall ranges from 20 pesos (cups) up to 2,000 pesos (television).

Target Locked!
I want to throw that television that day. Too bad I don't have enough money!

There are also gigantic Buddhas and a gorilla in this area. This is a place where people will be amazed how great Filipinos are in creating this kind of sculptures. Even I, I couldn't imagine that there is an existing place like this and can be found in Laguna. This is one spot that people should not miss when visiting Laguna. It will not only satisfy your tummy with their food but also your eyes with all those larger than life statues.

I think this is the biggest display in Isdaan...
People behind the beautification of Isdaan
Breakdown of Expenses:
Bus (Pasay Terminal - Isdaan Floating Restaurant) - 85.00 PhP
Bus (Isdaan Floating Restaurant - Magallanes | Mantrade) - 107.00 PhP
Sinigang na Hipon (1 kilo) - 483.00 PhP
Inihaw na Tilapia (1/2 kilo) - 176.00 PhP
Bagong Saing (rice) - 110.00 PhP
Pitcher of Iced Tea - 204.00 PhP


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