White Beach of Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

Summer is fast approaching in the Philippines. People will start looking again for a destination to spent their vacation which includes me and my colleagues. To some, they wanted for a place that is just accessible and near the metro. A place wherein one who is employed doesn't need to file a VL (vacation leave) to enjoy swimming on a beach or experience a stress free environment but still they can say its worth their time and travel.

One place I can recommend that suites the above criteria is Puerto Galera of Oriental Mindoro. White Beach is one of the famous beaches in Puerto Galera. It is known for its blueish water, active nightlife, all kinds of bars and restaurants, and varieties of accommodations from first-class to economy class. Sounds fun and exciting huh?

How to get there?
From Cubao, ride an ALPS bus going to Batangas (Batangas Port). Their bus terminal is located near the Ali Mall and fare is 175 pesos per pax. It took us 2 1/2 hours to reach Batangas Port. Alight at Batangas Port, you'll be mobbed by people who worked on different ferry companies that will persuade you to get their service and to take you to Puerto Galera. My tip is ti entertain them. Compare their prices and bargain with them. In the end, we get the Father and Son line to get us to Puerto Galera. Why? Because they give us a 7 + 1 promo. Since we're 8 in the group. 7 of us will pay 500 pesos and the other one is free. That 500 pesos is a two-way ride (Batangas Port - White Beach, Puerto Galera and vise-versa). Regular ferry ride is 270 pesos per pax (one way).

Selfie mode before we hop in to our boat

After almost 1 1/2 hour ferry ride, finally, our group already reached the shore of White Beach, Puerto Galera! Yeah! Upon entering White Beach, you'll be asked to pay 50 pesos per head. It serves as environmental fee for the area's preservation. As soon as we paid the fees, right there and then, we proceed right away to our hotel. We changed into a more comfortable outfit and we're ready to explore Puerto Galera!

Presenting my travel buddies in this Galera Trip!

Boredom is the last feeling one can feel in White Beach of Puerto Galera. Why? Because of the activities available on the water as well as the near shore. Aside from sun bathing and swimming on its blue water, there are lots of water activities available in White Beach. Some of which are snorkeling, kayaking, thrilling water activities like banana boat, flying fish and parasailing.

I'll try this one as soon as I already have my own Go Pro (Photo from Ferdinand De Guzman)

After a good swim, you might want to stretch those muscles by playing beach volleyball with your friends. I saw volleyball nets in the long stretch of White Beach and there are stores which offer rental of balls. But if you're already tired, you have the option to get a massage on the sand. Yup that's right! Massage happening on the beach shore. I heard it was 200 pesos which is good for an hour. It's quite expensive (well, that was just my opinion) but I saw a bunch of tourist being served.

(Photo from Ferdinand De Guzman)
Food, drinks, massage... name it! (Photo from Ferdinand De Guzman)

Hungry? Thirsty? That's not a problem in White Beach as this place has numerous bars and restaurants. One will surely find a place that will satisfy his/her taste buds. I also noticed that unlimited rice promo is popular in the place. Well I can't blame them to put up something like that, with all the activities in this island, one will surely get hungry in big time. 

The sun may rest and set down but that doesn't mean it stops or ends the life in White Beach. As what I've experienced, it seems like nightfall is just the start point of a day in Puerto Galera. The night has been lighten up by the bars. The music makes the beach shore more alive. Each spots has its gimmick. Some offers cheaper price of drinks than the others, some of them have live shows (similar to comedy bars) but one of the attention grabber gimmicks is the poi dancing. Take note, poi dancers in White Beach is really skillful and packed with different tricks. It was very entertaining to watch!

Ferdie really enjoyed the night at Galera LOL! (Photo from Ferdinand De Guzman)

If you're going to visit and party at Puerto Galera. I recommend to try the island's famous drink which they named "Mindoro Sling". It is an apple flavored cocktail drink with an extraordinary kick! Tip: During day-time, survey each bar/restaurant that served low priced "Mindoro Sling". Price varies on each bars so look for the cheapest one to save money. We spent 330 pesos/pitcher for this drink yet the next day, we saw another bar which sold it at 200 pesos. Shame! Our two pitchers of Mindoro Sling should have been three only if we saw it earlier.

Cheers! (Photo from Ferdinand De Guzman)

Oh! And before I forgot, just like bars and restaurants, souvenirs stores are also all over White Beach. From t-shirts, bracelets, anklets, key-chains, magnets, mugs, etc... name it, 'coz they might have it! I brought my Puerto Galera designed shirt at 90 pesos. Affordable right?! Henna and tattoo shops are also present in the area. Too bad, I didn't get an ink so I have no idea how much does it cost. 

Overall, though I'm not fond of crowded beach, I must say I really had fun during my stay at White Beach. A nice quick getaway after a long week of work. I hope the authorization will keep this area clean or the sanitation plan for this place is strong enough as it has a big chance for White Beach to get polluted because of its popularity on local and foreign tourists. 

Tip: If you're getting 2-way trip ticket. Have an early reservation going back to Manila to secure a trip back to Batangas Port.

Breakdown of Expenses:
Bus (Cubao - Batangas Port) - 175 Pesos
Ferry Boat (two way) - 500 Pesos
Accommodation - 2,000 Pesos / 4 pax = 500 Pesos per pax
Environmental Fee - 50 Pesos
Exit Fee - 10 Pesos (I don't know what's its purpose)
Mindoro Sling - 330 Pesos (but there are bars which offer cheaper)
Magnet (w/ Puerto Galera print) - 25 Pesos (price vary on size and design)
T-shirt (w/ Puerto Galera print) - 90 Pesos (price vary on size)
Food - **.**


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