Vigan Tourist Spots: Calesa Tour of Metro Vigan Inn

This month of June hasn't been so good to me. I've been sick for weeks already reason why I haven't blogged and sometimes even check my site for a couple of days. As for my come back, let me continue and finish off my Metro Vigan Inn blog series. This will be my third and last installment of my Metro Vigan Inn experience. On my previous blog posts, I've already featured their hotel and in-house cafe and now I'll be covering their very own "Calesa Tour" which is a special tour within the noted spots in the city of Vigan.

By the way, before I start touring you in Vigan virtually, let me give you an idea on how you can avail the Vigan tour of Metro Vigan Inn. Well, aside from directly going there, you may have your reservations at Metro Vigan Inn's online reservation service at or through their reservation office at (077) 674-0448 and (+63917) 824-3800. You may also want to like and check their Facebook page at

Going back, the "Calasa Tour" rates at 700 Pesos per person. It is a 4-hour city Calesa tour which features the UNESCO World Heritage town of Vigan. The tour includes a visit to notable Vigan's churches, gardens, pottery, restaurants and the famous Calle Crisologo. Also, one can upgrade the package to what they called "Sunset Tour", which makes the whole tour lasts for 6 hours by adding up 300 Pesos per person. The Sunset Tour includes a trip to a zoo, a hotel, a museum, a snack at Vigan Empanadaan and lastly, at the Plaza Salcedo where tourists can witness Vigan's version of a Dancing Fountain.

Let the Calesa Tour begin!

Now that you have an idea on how to avail and what to expect, shall we begin the tour?

St. Augustine Parish Church and Its Bell Tower

The St. Augustine Parish Church, one of the oldest churches of Ilocos Sur, was built in 1590. It was named after St. Agustine, the patron saint, by the Augustinian Friars. The church was damaged during WWII but was reconstructed in 1950.

Aside from being a bell tower, Bantay Bell Tower also served as a watchtower during Spanish colonial period. Bantay Bell Tower speaks for its name which means "guard" in our native language. The bell tower had witnessed several uprisings in the past and been guarding the town of Vigan/Ilocos Sur for several decades now.

Outside view of St Augustine Church 
Inside the church
The Bantayan Bell Tower
This is Santorini a Cemetery. View from the Bell Tower

Calle Crisologo

A well known street in Vigan which features Spanish Era ancestral houses. This street is one of the main reason why Vigan is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. People who'll visit Calle Crisologo can expect ancient tile roofs and floorings, balustrades and azoteas in varying Spanish, Mexican, and Chinese architectural styles.

Crossing out one item on my travel bucket list!
The busy street of Calle Crisologo
Old yet so interesting
Selfie time! :)
Bloggers I met on this trip! (and some strangers also visiting Calle Crisologo)
Calle Crisologo by night
Their not ghost... its people who walks right in while I'm shooting in long exposure... oh well.

Hidden Garden and Lilong & Lilang Restaurant

Located in Barangay Bulala Centro, Vigan City, Hidden Garden is a simple garden decorated with lots of beautiful and interesting potteries, figurines and wood carvings. In other words this garden offers amazing landscape design. More over, due to the growing popularity of Hidden Garden, the owner decided to add another part in his garden which is the restaurant. 

Hidden Garden's Lilong & Lilang Restaurant serves authentic Ilocano dishes and their specialty... the Vigan Empanada! It is an Ilocano style tacos with longganisa, papaya, egg and monggo which is seasoned with herb.

Welcome to Hidden Garden!
My most favorite shot in this trip
Selfie and an empanada from Lilong & Lilang Restaurant

Senorita Dulce

Senorita Dulce is one of the recognized place in Vigan where you can buy Vigan's sweet delicacies and "pasalubong". I recommend you to try out their butterscotch as well as their cassavas. Kids and kids alike who have an active sweet tooth will surely enjoy this place!

Welcome to Senorita Dulce!
Pasalubongs you can buy

Hotel Salcedo de Vigan

Presenting Hotel Salcedo de Vigan

Plaza Salcedo

The historical Plaza Salcedo is the central park of Vigan. It was named after to Juan de Salcedo who was a Spanish conqueror and founder of the old Villa Fernandina de Vigan (now called as Vigan City). Plaza Salcedo is also where Gabriela Silang's execution takes place in 1763. But today, Plaza Salcedo is converted to a venue where one can experience and witness a dancing fountain show. It happens every night at 7:30 PM.

Dancing Fountain show of Vigan
Yes, kids and kids at heart are allowed to play in the water


Baluarte is a 80 hectares wide zoo owned by the city's governor, Gov. Chavit Singson. Though Baluarte constuction is still on-going, people can still visit the place and take note: it's free of admission and use of facilities like their picnic area and comfort rooms. Bringing your own food inside is also allowed. It is open daily from 7am to 6pm and for inquiries you may reach them at 6377-722-7186.

Forgot the name of this animal. By the way that's Soshi and Carol :)
Alice feeding the deers!
Posing with these cockatoos

Marsha's Delicacies

Just like Senorita Dulce, Marsha's Delicacies is a dessert shop slash food & drink shop slash snack place slash "pasalubong" center in Vigan. It is where you can avail Vigan's famous garlic longanisa and also the "putok-batok" bagnet meats!

Just some of the things you can buy
Tables and chairs may be empty... but look at the line in the cashier

There you have it guys! Hope you enjoyed your virtual access to Vigan's some notable spots. So what are you waiting for? Tag along your friends & family and visit Vigan now and experience it yourself! 

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