The Hundred Islands of Pangasinan via Anda Route

Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands however 7 of which islands disappear during high tide. One of the islands that disappears is situated in the most popular tourist spot in Pangasinan - The Hundred Islands National Park.

Although it is called hundred, the Hundred Islands comprises 124 islands at high tide and 123 islands at low tide. However, only 3 of them have been developed for tourists, namely: Governor Island, Quezon Island, and Children's Island.

This was actually not my first time in Pangasinan. I've already been to Anda, Pangasinan (known as the "Mother Island of the Hundred Islands") in 2009 because this is my friend's province and she invited our group to visit her hometown. We were still in college back then and have a limited and tight budget. Island hopping was just a dream. So now that we are all professionals, we're proud to say that "it's pay back time".

During our 2009 visit (photo from Gladys Dizon)
Look at us now! 2012 visit ;] (photo from Edward Calugtong)
So, our itinerary will start in Anda and not in Alaminos, Pangasinan which is the vicinity of the Hundred Islands. Therefore, this is just an alternative route.

How to get there?
One can take a ride going to Anda, Pangasinan at Five Star bus terminal situated in Rotonda, Pasay. Travel time is about 5-6 hours and the fare is 410 pesos. From Anda, Rina (a friend who invited us) used her connections to rent tricycle at Anda terminal that took us in the port where our Hundred Islands hopping will start. From the port, we rented a boat from a local boatman. It's just a matter of bidding. A good bidder will save more in this trip. Back and Forth, both the tricycle and boat ride only cost each of us 500 pesos. Well, it's quite reasonable for a small group like ours. Note: we brought our own food in this trip because the food in the island will be so much expensive.

One of those 124 islands (photo from Gladys Dizon)
There are lots of interesting islands in Hundred Islands National Park just like the Marcos Island, Cuenco Island, Paniki Island and Turtle Island. However, for this blog entry I will just serve you the 3 well-developed islands of this national park:

The Children's Island is the ideal island for family getaway especially for those who have children with them. Children's Island beach water is suited for children because there are lots of shallow spots in this island compared to Governor Island and Quezon Island. Parents and guardians will not worry as their child/children swim and play along the shore. For adults, you can just go further until you reach your desired water level.

Children's Island is crowded during our visit (photo from Gladys Dizon)
Look at those golden kids swimming alone (photo from Gladys Dizon)
The Governor Island is the perfect spot to photograph the Hundred Islands. Though not all islands are visible, Governor Island's peak can showcase a beautiful arrangement of islands and islets. However, one will need to trek to be able to reach the island's view deck. Don't worry because the trail is easy, short and will not take hours of walk. The group were so captivated to the place and decided to stay here to eat and do the swim. Aside from that, the Governor island that time was not crowded so we didn't take risk going to Quezon Island and do the long stay because we taught it might be crowded there just like the Children's Island.

Trail going to the view deck (photo from Gladys Dizon)
Governor Island's view deck! (photo from Gladys Dizon)
That's Julius and can you spot my friend Byron? (photo from Gladys Dizon)
There's this house that is popular in Governor Island called the Governor's House which is also known as the Pinoy Big Brother House. Yes that's right. This has been the guest house when the PBB housemates visited the Hundred Islands. I believe it was the batch of Kim Chui who stayed in this house. The house can accommodate 8-10 people at the price of 10,000 pesos.

The Governor's House also known as the PBB House (photo from Gladys Dizon)
Last among the 3 developed island is the Quezon Island. Quezon Island is named after the late President Manuel Quezon who proclaimed the area as the Philippines' first National Park. The island has lots of cottages and nipa huts, a grilling area, a convenient store, and restrooms. With all those pointers, Quezon Island is the most frequented stayed island of tourists and visitors. There is also a bridge that connects Quezon Island to another island. Aside from that, Giant clams are visible on the beach which is a fascinating view for someone who lives in the city like me.

Port of Quezon Island (photo from Gladys Dizon)
Look who we bump to! He's Buko de Ap! Hehehe (photo from Gladys Dizon)
You can also do kayaking, snorkeling, diving, and fishing in different parts of the National Park. Don't hesitate to ask your "bangkero" or boatman where is the best part to do those kind of stuff.

What's good in this trip is that since we took the Anda route, Tondol beach is just a few distance away. Tondol beach is one of the best, if not the best beach in Pangasinan. It has been called as the little Boracay of Pangasinan. A good side trip isin't it?

By the way I also had a photoshoot with my model-esque friends, Paula and Gladys at Governor Island.

Doing it like a pro!
Natural wind in the air
Senioritas of Governor Island


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