Corregidor Island via Sun Cruises

Corregidor Islandfalls under the territory of Cavite and lies at the entrance of Manila Bay. This island played an important role during World War II  where Philippines fights the Japanese forces from its invasion. Corregidor was vigorously attacked in the latter part of the war where it serves as a grave to many Americans, Japanese and Filipinos who fought during that time. Today, Corregidor Island is a popular tourist destination where people can visit and still see the remnants (e.g cannons, tunnel, etc...) of the said war. So for those who are fond of Philippine history, I suggest you visit Corregidor.

How to get there?
It's super easy. I recommend you get the service of Sun Cruises -- just like what I did. Sun Cruises provides ferry transfer and tour(optional) to Corregidor Island. I had no hard time contacting and reserving tickets from them for this Corregidor trip. Their reservations office is located at the CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City or you can reach them through e-mail ( and landline (917 513-2625 or 922 337-0068 ) for ticket reservations. For more info and packages that they offer, just visit their website:

My Corregidor trip with my girlfriend starts when we arrived at the port of Sun Cruises near CCP Complex. It is a well known establishment there so just ask the people around if you are in doubt of directions. We boarded and checked in at exactly 7:30am and departed from Manila at 8:00am just like what they mentioned on their itinerary. It was hassle free and very convenient. It was also well organized and the ferry going to the island is fully air-conditioned for which I didn't expect.

At the Corregidor Port (Photo from Faye Nuestro)

After one hour and fifteen minutes of sailing, we finally reached Corregidor Island. And the place is amaaaazing! We also noticed that most of our co-passengers were foreigners. So local guy like me should be prepared in case they ask you something. Haha. I also hope more Filipinos visit the island and see how beautiful this place is. This is a good option for those people who wants to escape the city noise even just for a while.


I didn't get Sun Cruises tour since I am not a super fan of history. I am more to an adventurous type of traveler. And I've heard that Corregidor has a lot to offer that will suit my personality. So even if you are not into the history thing like me, you can still enjoy this trip. Aside from that, the view of this island is worth travelling for...
Islands near Corregidor gives photos a nice backdrop

What to do:
Lights and Sound Show at Malinta Tunnel - Php200.00/person
The Rocket (Zipline) - Php100.00/person
Outdoor Activities (Sunset and Sunrise viewing, Tunnel Lateral Tour) - Php250.00/person
Kayaking - Php500.00/hr.
ATVs (All-terrain vehicle) - Php500.00/hr.

Lights and sound show at Malinta Tunnel
Here's what you can inside the cave
After all those activities stated above, you can go swimming which is also found at the activity area of the island. The sand may not be white unlike the other beaches in the Philippines but the water here is clear and people really take good care of it. Me and my girlfriend really enjoy the water even we started splashing on it in the afternoon. It was refreshing.

Look how clear the water is... (Photo from Faye Nuestro)
Relaxing under the shade of a tree
Regarding the food, there's a hotel where you can buy food at the island but I suggest to bring your own since it is allowed and it will be much cheaper.

This trip is a must try. It drained our energy in a positive way (huh? hehe). We arrived back to Manila at around 4pm which ends this trip. I hope I can go back here again and try other activities and visit the other parts of the island. Maybe someday.


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