Sibadan Fish Cage of Port Lamon, Hinatuan - Surigao del Sur

After a long drive from Butuan City to Hinatuan and by that I mean 4 hours straight drive, my friend, Byron, and I were searching for an accommodation/hotel to settle for an overnight stay. During that time, we have 2 factors that we need to consider in a hotel we're looking for. What are they? First, it should be affordable and cheap. We were only two in this Surigao del Sur trip and having a fancy hotel was too costly for backpackers like us. Second, it should be near the Enchanted River. In our itinerary, we planned to spend the next day at Enchanted River. Therefore, we need an accommodation that is near the place to save time in terms of travelling. So what we did were to ask the locals of Hinatuan for some advice. We told them the 2 factors I stated above and they recommended us to try out Sibadan Fish Cage.

Sibadan Fish Cage is a popular side trip in Hinatuan. Simply because it is near the Enchanted River. It is reputed as a floating restaurant in Port Lamon Bay that serves fresh seafood dishes to their customers but what we didn't know is that they also offer lodging rooms. As we heard that from the locals, we finally decided to go to Sibadan Fish Cage and spent the first night of our Surigao del Sur visit there.

The equation: 3 Persons + 1 motorcycle + baggage + rough road + 12KM = a worth it ride

How to get there?
From Bancasi Airport, ride a jeepney going to Langihan Premium Terminal. As you arrive at the terminal, look for the bus with a signboard of Mangagoy. Travel time is about 4 to 5 hours which costs 210 pesos. There are also vans available there that offer cheaper transfer. We avail the van instead of taking a bus and bargain its price with the van conductor. At the end, it only costs us 180 pesos going to Hinatuan. Just give your driver a heads up that you are going to Enchanted River. You will be dropped at the crossing going to Enchanted River where you will be renting a habal-habal (a motorcycle). It is the only public transportation going to Enchanted River so don't be picky. Habal-Habal rental costs 200 pesos/motorcycle. It is a 12km bumpy ride so be prepared and just enjoy the view going there. It is also a perfect time to ask question from your Habal-habal driver the must visit places in Hinatuan. From our talked with our driver, he told us that we can have island hopping at Port Lamon Bay. So we have an addition to our itinerary the next day. From Enchanted River, ride a pump boat going to Sibadan Fish Cage. The fare is 160 pesos per hour/boat.

Sibadan Fish Cage of Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur
The location of Sibadan Fish Cage is in the middle of Port Lamon Bay so expect poor signal during your stay. Going back... As we land at Sibadan, we were approached by a smiling attendant. We ask for lodging and she gave us a tour and show us their rooms. Their rooms are really cheap. We got a room that is good for two for only 300 pesos. Though it is a fan room without a personal comfort room, we still find it fair enough on the money we spent and it's spacious for two people. By the way, there is a 5 Php entrance fee for non-lodging visitors.

Docking area of Sibadan Fish Cage
After putting our things in the room, it's time to check the place and have some chill time. We found Sibadan Fish Cage a plain and a simple place. It is a resort made of kawayan and woods in the middle of the bay. Fresh air and away from city noise. Perfect place for relaxation. Just imagine during a night stay here.

More rooms...
At the center of Sibadan lies a large pond/aquarium. The only amenities of this place that I could think of are fishing and snorkeling. Customers may do fishing and snorkeling to get their freshly sea creature cooked by the staff of Sibadan. Price of the catch will be determined by weighing in all the catch of a certain customer. After the weigh in, the attendant will suggest you what kind of dish they can do with your catch. You may also ask them if you have something in mind. Cook charge is 30 Php per dish. Cheap isin't it? Alternative to fishing and snorkeling is buying seafood straight from them. Sibadan sells wide variety of seafood. Just pick and tell them what kind of dish do you want to do with it. Us, we just brought 1 kilo of "Kasag" (small crabs) for ONLY 50 pesos and 1/4 kilo of Dano fish for 120 pesos. We requested to make a sweet and spicy Kasag and "sinabawan" for the fish. There's also a sari-sari store in Sibadan which sells canned goods, mineral water, alcoholic beverages, etc...

Other visitors of Sibadan that day. Fishing time!
Our dinner. Yum!
The only con that I found on Sibadan was there bathing water. I believe it is also a beach water so your soap, shampoo, facial wash will not bubble as you take a bath. Hahahaha. Overall, our stay at Sibadan has been a great experience. Lodging in the middle of the bay is an experience I didn't imagine on this trip.

Breakdown of Expenses:
Bus (Butuan Terminal - Hinatuan, Enchanted River) - 180.00 PhP
Habal Habal (Crossing - Enchanted River) - 200.00 PhP / 2 = 100.00 PhP per pax
Pump Boat (Enchanted River - Sibadan Fish Cage) - 160.00 PhP per hour / 2 = 80.00 PhP per pax
Fan Room (good for 2) - 300.00 PhP / 2 = 150.00 PhP per pax
Kasag (crab) - 50.00 Php (1 kilo) /2 = 25.00 Php per pax
Mang Tomas Sauce = 45 PhP (1 bottle) / 2 = 22.50 PhP per pax
Dano (a fish name) - 120.00 Php (1/4 kilo) / 2 = 60.00 PhP per pax
Cooking charge - 30.00 PhP (for kasag and fish) / 2 = 15.00 PhP per pax
Service Charge - 48.00 PhP / 2 = 24.00 PhP per pax
Mineral water - 30.00 PhP (1 liter) x 2  = 60.00 PhP / 2 = 30.00 PhP per pax
Nescafe Coffee & Nestea Iced tea - 15.00 PhP each
Rice - 10.00 PhP
Hard boiled egg - 15.00 PhP


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