The Grandeur of Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig, Surigao del Sur

Approximately 95 meters wide and 55 meters (180 ft) tall, this fall that is situated in Surigao del Sur moniker as "The Little Niagara Falls" of the Philippines. It's none other than the Tinuy-an Falls (Tinuyan Falls) of the municipality of Bislig. Tinuy-an Falls has been the main attraction in Bislig. Its white astonishing water that drapes and cascade to its three different levels makes this place as the most visited tourist spot in the region of CARAGA. Aside from that, Tinuy-an falls is considered to be the widest waterfall in the Philippines. So with all those words, backpackers like me who planned a Mindanao trip didn't forgot to include this wonder in our itinerary and adventure.

How to get there?
Starting at Bancasi Airport in Butuan City, one can take a jeepney going to Langihan Premium Bus Terminal. Upon arrival at the bus terminal, commercial buses or vans for hire going to Mangagoy are available. Travel time is about 4-5 hours. When in Mangagoy, head to Integrated Terminal and take a jeepney. Just inform the driver to drop you at the jump-off point of Tinuy-an Falls. From the main road, rent a Habal habal (single motorcycle) that will take you to the waterfall. I couldn't give you the prices of each ride because we came from a different route.

Sneak peek of the 1st and 2nd levels of Tinuy-an Falls (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Our Tinuy-an Falls adventure starts right after our visit to Enchanted river, read full details here. A habal-habal driver approach us in Enchanted River and offer us a ride going to Tinuy-an Falls at 1,500 pesos. As we heard his offer, we use math that we acquired during our elementary years and calculated the expense if ever we go to Tinuy-an by commute. Based on our computations, the driver's offer is quite expensive. It was too much for 2 backpackers like us to shed that amount going to Bislig. So we had to decline his first offer. He still insist the ride so we ended up bargaining the trip and settled at 900 pesos. This includes a ride from Enchanted River (Hinatuan) going to Tinuy-an Falls (Bislig). Then the habal habal driver will wait for us there until we're done with our Tinuy-an exploration. Afterwards, he will also help us find a hotel in Bislig City. DEAL! Now that's how tourists should handle this kind of situation.

It was the longest habal-habal ride I had experienced in my whole travelling life. I lost track but I believe it was 1 1/2 - 2 hours backride. Thank God the view is refreshing. It somehow takes away my butt pain and leg cramps of this habal-habal trip. As we approach near the site, I noticed the cold air that flows in my skin. It makes the two of us excited.

Grandest Falls I've ever seen so far... (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Then we finally arrived in the site of Tinuy-an Falls. We shed 20 pesos per head for the entrance fee then we go directly to the area where this waterfall lies.Tinuy-an is really grandeur. Since it rains the night before we got there, the water that afternoon was raging. I can say that we saw Tinuy-an Falls in its full form. It's the widest and tallest falls I've ever been to. It does seems like a curtain that covers the tall rock wall behind it. In addition to it, there are trees beside it that add colors and appeal to this falls. We do not waste any time. We set up our cameras and take photographs in any way possible.

(Photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Tinuy-an Falls in its full form
Then a local guy approach us and offers a trip going to the 1st and 2nd level of Tinuy-an falls. One needs to pass 90 ++ steps in order to reach the spot and of course we say yes to his offer. It wasn't that hard. There are concrete stairs so it will be easy for non athletic person like me to reach its top. And the view up there was superb! It is a midget Tinuy-an Falls. Short yet still wide. We're lucky because we can still be able to see a rainbow even we got there late. People say that rainbow only appears at 9:00am to 11:00am only.

It is really beautiful up there. Visitors should not miss trekking this one (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Photo op! #selfie #lol (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)
Me and our tour guides (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)
I envy Baron for having a photo with that rainbow! (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)
After our trekked at Tinuy-an Falls, the same local guy offers us a bamboo raft ride to go near the splashing water of Tinuy-an Falls. Again, we say yest to it! It was off-season and weekday when we got there so the place isn't crowded. For the bamboo raft, the passengers were only me, Baron and the 2 bankeros. Cool! As we approached to the falls, I started to feel cold. The water is hitting us as well as the cold breeze of the air which makes me freeze on this raft ride. In the middle of this activity, Byron and I jumped from the raft. I don't know if that's the right thing since it only worsen the coldness we feel that time. Overall, it was a fun experience. We really enjoyed our bamboo raft ride. We just gave 150 pesos to the local guy for the whole activity (trekking + bamboo raft + tip).

Start of our Bamboo rafting adventure! (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)
We barely couldn't hear each other out there (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)
By the way, that's my travel buddy Byron of Baron the Explorer (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)
My words are not enough to describe the grandeur of Tinuy-an Falls. After seeing it with my own eyes, now I know why it is reputed as the "Little Niagara Falls" of the Philippines. I hope people of this town take care of this place so that future generations will be able to see and visit it as well.

Breakdown of Expenses:
Habal-Habal (Enchanted River - Tinuyan Falls - Hotel in Bislig City) - 900.00 PhP / 2 = 450 PhP per pax
Entrance Fee - 50.00 PhP
Bamboo Raft + Tinuy-an trekking + Tip - 150.00 PhP / 2 = 75.00 PhP per pax
Table - Since it was off peak, we got it for free!


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